The extravagant SAO UFC wants to rejoin both Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua

Sunday, March 28, 2021 13:05 PM (GMT + 7)

(Sports news, martial arts news) Not finished worrying about his story, an extravagant puncher thinks about to cross-fight with Joshua and Fury.

Before the defense of the UFC heavy belt on March 27 with Francis Ngannou, Stipe Miocic made a very shocked statement. After this match ended, no matter what the outcome, the 39-year-old puncher wanted to compete with the two most famous heavyweight boxing fighters, Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury.

Miocic (center) wants to fight Boxing with Joshua (left) and Fury (right)

Miocic had more than a year of boxing practice and was the UFC’s top puncher at the moment in his standing ability. But saying one thing and whether Fury or Joshua agree to play or not is another. The two punches themselves are also active for the championship match scheduled to take place this year.

American boxer Stipe Miocic expressed his enthusiasm: “It’s a very different game. Winning or losing in boxing depends on your skills. I think it’s fairer to play Boxing (compared to MMA with Joshua.) or Fury). We are all used to standing up but we can use our feet or knock them down. They are not used to that.

It is about the future, and the opponent in Miocic’s immediate match is Ngannou, who possesses the strongest punch on the planet. In the past, two boxers met in 2018 and Miocic won with consensus scores.

And just like the result 3 years ago, at this reunion, Miocic continues to be the defeated general of Ngannou. According to the latest results, boxer Ngannou won by knockout in the second half against Miocic, thereby winning the UFC heavy belt.

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