The European car market recorded a further fall this summer

Posted on Sep 16, 2021 9:22 AMUpdated Sep 16, 2021 9:52 AM

It has been a tough summer for the European auto market. Weighted down by the resumption of the health crisis and the global shortage of semiconductors, new car registrations in the European Union fell in July by 23.2% compared to 2020, to 823,949 units, then again by 19, 1% in August, to 622,993 vehicles, said Thursday the Association of European Automobile Manufacturers (ACEA) in a statement. Bad figures which came to put a brutal brake on the recovery observed in the spring, marked by four consecutive months in the green, between April and June.

In July, the French market suffered the most. French sales fell 35.3% to 115,713 units, worse than in Spain (-28.9% to 83,900 units), Germany (-24.9% to 236,393) or Italy (-19.2% to 110,459). Among manufacturers, the Renault group recorded the worst performance (-39.5% of vehicles) with 2.5 points of market share less compared to 2020, ahead of Stellantis (-24.3%) and the European leader Volkswagen (-20.9%).

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