The electric car boom in France puts 65,000 jobs at risk

In 2018, your sector – which represents 400,000 jobs in industry and 500,000 in sales and services – signed a strategic sector contract with the State, defining the orientations to be taken within five years. In particular, he provided for a switch to electric. And then everything changed, the numbers panic: collapse in sales last year, and much stronger than expected surge in electrification of the automotive industry. So you are in the process of rectifying your goals.

Luc Chatel: For three years, the landscape has been completely changed. In 2018, through this contract which sets a strategic course, manufacturers resolutely committed themselves to the ecological transition by setting themselves an ambitious goal as never before: to multiply by five in the five years the sales of electric vehicles in France with, for horizon , a fleet of one million electrified vehicles in 2022. The State, for its part, pledged to multiply by five the number of charging stations over the same period.

Halfway through, where are we? We are ahead of the number of electrified vehicles, both plug-in hybrids and 100% electric, since their market share has multiplied by more than 5 in two years, going from 2.1% of the market in 2018 to 11.2 % in 2020. And in the first quarter of 2021, the increase is accelerating. On 100% electric vehicles, sales have multiplied by more than 3.5, and we have passed the 100,000 sales mark

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