The dragon master Hang Long slung his head down the mountain to attack his opponent

Friday, December 4, 2020 19:15 PM (GMT + 7)

(Sports news, martial arts news) Ha Hung Qua, claiming to be a descendant of “Dragon of the Dragon,” for the first time, fought in the presence of many fans.

Video of the player “Dragon of the Dragon and the Bow of King” defeats the opponent of traditional martial arts:

The famous “dragon of the dragon and the bowl of the dragon” is associated with the famous Hong That Cong and Kieu Phong characters in the novels of the late writer Kim Dung, who thought they were just fictions, but found someone who claimed to be the successor of the technique. this. According to Chinese media, master Ha Hung Qua is the only one who has trained into 18 moves “Long row of six bowls of dragon”, this martial artist turns 40 years old this year.

Hung Qua (left) is a descendant of the “Dragon of the Dead”.

On June 5, Ha Hung Qua appeared at the “Kunlun Kungfu” event to participate in martial arts competitions. However, for various reasons the martial arts’ performance against his opponents did not take place. The audience was extremely disappointed when they did not see the real life “Dragon of the Dead” at that time, but on December 2, they witnessed it with their own eyes.

The video of Hung Qua’s competition with his opponent has been posted on several martial arts forums in China. This is a competition at an event called “Chinese Kungfu” which took place in China at the end of November.

The new law of the Chinese General Department of Sports and Sports prohibits boxers from playing spontaneously in a free manner, so two gladiators must fight according to the Kickboxing law. They must wear gloves, armor, not use elbows, when the opponent has fallen to the floor and cannot attack again.

The master of

Hung Qua won the first public match in front of the audience

Perhaps because it was restricted by the law, Hung Qua and other traditional martial arts opponents could not perform too many unique moves. They just move and deliver punches towards the opponent. After about 2 minutes of competition, Hung Qua won by knock-out.

Hung Qua did not show any great technique of “Hang Long bowl of phoenix”, which made many audiences extremely disappointed.

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(Sports news, martial arts news) The master of “Dragon of the Dragon Cross” possesses tremendous strength that makes his opponent …


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