The downsides make you more attractive

Shame, being shy in public, clumsy, or being weak are weaknesses that everyone wants to avoid, but sometimes it’s something that attracts others.


Are you the type to bow or get nervous when people look at you? Are you someone with a gentle, attractive voice, but prefer to keep quiet? Although it’s hard to believe, the fact that many people find shyness is an extremely attractive point.

In a world where the communicative, the talkative is trying to be the center of attention, it can be comforting to be with a good listener.

Shy people are also often seen as mysterious, attractive, sociable, and quiet people.

People who are straightforward, honest and not afraid to criticize, are those who make a strong impression on others. Photo: Kpop.


Psychological research shows that clumsy women are cuter in the eyes of men. Not only because it makes them look more honest and young, but also because it makes others want to help.

Many men want to extend their arms of support if a girl is clumsy and does the things she can’t do (carrying or fixing broken things).

Easy to be shy

Are you often confused when people are teasing or embarrassed when your friends tease you? Do you often blush, squeal or cover one side of your face if teased? Although it is a weakness, but it is also a pretty attractive point for some people, especially for men.

They think that shy people are cute and sincere because they don’t try to hide their true feelings.

Many boys choose to joke and tease as a way to show their feelings.

Too honest

Honesty is a must-have attraction. It is tiring to know that the people around us just say what we want to hear. Being around someone you know who always tells the truth, good or bad, is a privilege.

They don’t waste time wandering around or trying to suggest and say what they think. They say what we need to hear and gain respect because we show love with sincerity.

Live slowly

Slow-life people are people who, instead of partying on weekends, want to stay home, curl up in blankets, hold a book or watch a movie. They are not social, but have a group of close, engaged and kind friends.

Slow-life people enjoy the pleasures they can and cherish their current life, not chasing after their emotions. For many, this is a really compelling point.

Thirst for help

Though sometimes people who openly want sympathy and help can make others uncomfortable with weakness and despair. But it really would be great to be with someone you are useful to.

Your longing for and wanting to be supported by someone can help boost that person’s self-esteem and values.

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