The difference between boys and girls may not be known by parents

Under the age of 12 months, boys are less talkative and naughty, but they are children who need more attention and comfort.

Social skills

According to a study on the difference in social skills of boys and girls, by experts at the University of Cambridge in 2000, girls are better socially aware and more sensitive to emotional expressions than boys. .

Girls are more interested in “reading” facial expressions, while boys are more interested in physical, mechanical mobile devices. Girls learn to empathize, understand others, and express their emotions much earlier. Boys feel all this too, but they don’t show it on the outside. They think simply and try to hide their feelings from others.


Boys often like mechanical games, such as cars, airplanes, building houses, and building cars, while girls like goods and dolls.

However, in reality, young children cannot distinguish between toys for boys and girls. Studies show that boys can also like dolls and that’s completely normal. Girls also love toys like trucks and houses. Children’s games and activities may vary by age, not necessarily by gender.

In addition, children’s interests may change due to pressure from society, friends…

Play has a central role in a child’s development. It allows them to practice different roles, experience a wide range of emotions, and try new things. Therefore, parents should remove prejudice if your child likes toys that are contrary to “gender norms”.

There are differences between male and female infants. Illustration:


Some researchers have found that boys are slower to speak than girls. Girls have a wide vocabulary and like to talk at length from an early age. This is because the part of the brain responsible for language in girls is born more developed than in boys.

However, gender only explains a small part of the difference in children’s language skills. More important factors include socioeconomic and opportunistic, which also affect how soon a child will speak, vocabulary.

Physical activity

Boys are usually more active in the womb and maintain a higher level of physical activity than girls at birth.

Boys often run, jump, climb trees and play soccer outdoors a lot. Girls prefer quiet games and stay indoors. Regardless of gender, however, participating in physical activity inside and outside is always good for children.

Potty training

While most girls start learning to use the toilet at 22-30 months, boys may need another 3 months to a year. On average, when learning to sit on the potty, girls usually master after 33 months, boys take up to 37 months.

So be prepared to buy more diapers if you raise a boy and will save money on diapers if you are raising a girl.


Of course, all babies cry. But at 6 months of age, boys were more frustrated than girls. At 12 months, they react much more strongly to negative issues.

Boys are often more moody and need more attention because they are more active, so they are also more likely to fall into situations that cause pain and frustration. Boys are also more likely to hurt themselves than girls.

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