The destiny of the Snake in the Tan Suu year 2021

The Snake is someone who was born in the years 1917, 1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013. Most of them are extroverted, adventurous.

Old Ty is funny, has a “connoisseur” lifestyle. When faced with chaotic situations, this person usually handles it very calmly. In life, they are quite observant and always alert. They can complete the job without the help of others, so they are highly valued for their skills.

Men born in the Year of the Snake tend to be mysterious and experienced, while women are graceful and elegant.

Tan Suu signals a year of luck and fortune for people born in the year of the Snake. This is the year that gives you the opportunity to formulate and concretize some old wishes and ideas that have yet to be fulfilled. This year, the most valuable advantage you have is communication, through which you can improve relationships, resolve old conflicts with family and loved ones, which in turn can gain valuable benefits. many realms of life.

About finance and career

In the period from March to June, financially, people born in the year of the Snake have a lot of luck, because money comes whenever they need it. Perhaps that is why they become very generous, when helping friends and family. If you are the manager or if you are working in the information technology field, everything should be fine. A person with a stable job can also expect a promotion, so your stature and prestige in society will increase.

However, this year is not suitable for changing jobs. The more you should not switch areas of activity. If you are looking for a job, look for a job that you have a lot of experience with, your chances of success will be greater. On the contrary, if you are recruiting into a new field without any experience yourself, your chances are low. Therefore, you will need to show a lot of perseverance, and seek the help of those around you to increase your chances.

In terms of career, in the period from August 20 to November 30, people born in the year of the Snake will need to work hard and not expect too much luck. A lot of work means a lot of stress and pressure, but if you work carefully and meticulously, you will avoid difficult situations.

Luck isn’t your best ally at the end of the year, but you can count on the help of those around you, especially when making important decisions. Positive and optimistic will be your lucky charm throughout the year.

About love life

Men of the Year of the Rat become very romantic and attractive, while women are beautiful and charismatic in love. However, their weakness is that they easily become jealous and possessive, even after they stop loving. Rejection is the biggest lashing out against the fragile ego of the Year of the Snake. More than any other zodiac, they always need to be accepted and approved in order to feel safe.

According to horoscopes, this year, the year of the Snake had a lot of luck in love. For married people, this is the year your spouse feels peaceful and gives you relief. Close people can help you relax, or give you great tips for solving the problems that are bothering you, provided you are willing to openly share your problems and let them know your problem. If you have a conflict, focus on making your relationship better instead of paying attention to the little things.

During the year, new interests give you the opportunity to engage in new interactions, giving you the chance to make friends. Don’t forget those people will have an important role in your life future.

Single people must be prepared to face obstacles, because this is not the right time to find a mate. Even if you confess your love, it is more likely that you will not get reciprocated.

People born in the year of the Snake are compatible with the fate of the Ox and the Rooster, and between them there is a perfect relationship for both marriage and work. Understanding and trusting each other helps to make the relationship strong.

About health

Physically, people born in the year of the Snake have stable health from the beginning of the new year. They are full of energy. However, the experience of transient state of fatigue and anxiety is not excluded. These can even lead to insomnia. Instead of hiding in the house, you should go outside to sunbathe, get more exercise. Physical activities such as gardening, playing sports or cycling can be very helpful to remove excess energy, maintain mental balance and help you enjoy good night’s sleep.

At the end of the year, stressful situations caused by overwork can cause latent aches and pains in internal organs, so it is necessary to rest and work more scientifically. Need to beware of diseases of the neck, neck …

Tips for the year of the Tan Ox

Advantageous direction: West, East

Lucky colors: White, gray

Lucky numbers: 5, 8

Favorable months: February, July, and December

Unfavorable months: March and October

Feng shui lucky things: You can buy a bronze emblem of Ma Thuong phong ma placed on the table to attract luck. The yellow color represents the metallic element, attracting positive energy, bringing the power of action, helping to improve authority and the chances of obtaining high social status and titles. Monkey sits with his feet resting on the horse in that posture to show the will to succeed.

To increase luck for the love life, you can buy feng shui ducklings to supplement the luck in the bedroom, help fullness of love, happy marriage.

Tips for people of the year of the Snake in the 12 months of Tan Suu year

January: People who have stable relationships will have the opportunity to strengthen emotions. Single-year-olds will have many encounters, love life can also have changes, but perhaps only transient.

February: After February 16, some tense discussions with loved ones may take place, regarding attitudes and principles of life. Care should be taken to avoid possible mistakes and misunderstandings.

March: After March 13, your relationship with your boss may deteriorate, easily resulting in a compromised image and social status. Make sure you choose words wisely and complete your task accurately and promptly.

April: Your cheerful spirit will leave a good impression on everyone. Get ready for important changes in your personal life. Buying a house is not out of expectations.

May: The month has many interesting events, depleting you of almost all of your energy. Take advantage of the weekends when you don’t have a lot of chores to do and take a little rest. Socially, you’ll enjoy a few pleasant surprises, especially at your workplace.

June: You get worthy results for your efforts. You may also get bonuses, or you will achieve some of the set goals.

July: During this time, it is possible that some secrets or conflicts that seemed to be buried deep in the past will be discovered. Need to learn to take responsibility for your actions. In love, a person who thinks the old person can reappear in your life and make you feel confused.

August: You have plenty of money this month, which is why some unexpected earnings may appear. The higher the amount received, the greater the possible cost.

September: At work, the second half of the month can be fraught with conflicts. Fortunately, in your personal life, you will see a period of fullness.

October: You need flexibility and composure to avoid problems at work, especially in relationships with people in power.

November: The first two weeks of November will be very exciting. You will hardly have time to breathe. You can ask someone for help, otherwise, when everyone enjoys a good time, you will have to work overtime. Fortunately, the help of one of your co-workers will help you get out of trouble. The end of the month will be a bit more peaceful.

December: Finally you will receive the news that you have been waiting for all the time. You are extremely happy, and you will be celebrating for days in a row. For most of the month, you will be in the clouds. Thanks to you, the people around you will also be upbeat and in a great mood.

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