The destiny of the Rat in the Tan Suu year 2021

Tan Suu is the year when the Rat entered the “transition period”. Some districts even feel like you need to “start over”.

Rat has the first position in the chain of 12 zodiac animals. The years of birth of the Rat are: 1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008, 2020.

According to the Chinese, the rat is a symbol of wealth and success. People born in the year of the Rat are smart, but they are also easily satisfied with what they have at hand. In life, when the Rat emphasizes the importance of money, they tend to save instead of spending money. Rats have an optimistic nature, but stubborn personalities and weak communication skills can make them rude. Boys are “immune” to new and creative changes, yet they cannot lead people and implement ideas effectively. The Rat girl has a somewhat traditional nature, a caring personality and good organization.

Tan Suu is the year when the Rat entered the “transition period”. Some districts even feel like you need to “start over”. This is also the year when career becomes a top priority. Your exploration will help you find your new direction, especially in May, when new ideas and possibilities, both professionally and financially, come to you.

Table of predictions of the Tan Ox year of the Rat with different destiny.

About finance and career

Tan Suu promises to be a prosperous year, supporting all activities in the life of the Rat, especially in his career. Some signs of success come from bold, risky investments, especially early to mid-year.

However, by the end of the year, you should avoid all forms of investment and business with risks. You should also not buy or sell real estate in the last months of the year. Use this time to save money and learn to spend in control. If you saved some money last year, it will be of great help in solving this year’s problems.

During the year, people born in the year of the Rat need to avoid gestures and actions that can cause misunderstandings and misunderstandings, which will reduce their achievements in work and career. If you are not good at behaving, communicating, you can even bring art into your body by hidden enemies.

The sense of caution, looking back and forth to observe and protect themselves helps the Rat to cope perfectly in times of crisis. Potential agility helps you find the best way to escape when you’re in trouble.

For independent traders, investors should invest in markets that you know well, have experience with, instead of engaging in new games that you do not really understand or understand deeply. In the relationship with subordinates, it is advisable to maintain understanding, kindness to get love.

About love life

The New Year, especially the beginning of the year, has a special meaning for you. This is a good, lucky year in the love life. If you are married, you will have a year of warm marriage and love. Your husband and wife relationship is strengthened by the support of your partner. Tan Ox thus gives you stability and passion.

If you are single, you may need a little patience to meet the other half. It is around the end of the year, or early next year, that you will be able to meet the right person. It seems that this new love will come from someone you already have a strong relationship with, possibly with one of your close friends.

If you’re in a romantic relationship, things are likely to go better. However, try to avoid being tempted, stand mountain and mountain, and then betray your marriage. You also need to be skillful in behavior, because of the help of the star Dao Hoa, the people of the Rat will still be the object of discussion.

The Rat age is most compatible with the Than and Thin. The people in this “trio” will have a very good relationship, whether in a marriage or business relationship. Together, they will enjoy success, happiness, prosperity. Meanwhile, Giap Rat’s age is incompatible with that of the Horse, both sides can have constant conflicts. They never seem to have in common in every regard, and it is almost impossible to have a lasting relationship.

About health

In the New Year of the Ox, people born in the Rat year generally have a positive state of health. They are active, the constant movement will help them stay in shape and fight off invasive disease. At the beginning of the year, health problems for people born in the year of the Rat usually occur because they do not pay attention to the signals sent by their own bodies. Need to have a more scientific diet and exercise to protect yourself the best. The organs most sensitive to Rat people are the stomach, blood pressure, stomach, or nerve problems. Therefore, exercises that help relieve the nervous system will be very beneficial for you.

“Tipping” for the New Year

Advantageous direction: Northeast, South

Lucky colors: Yellow, Brown

Lucky numbers: 5, 7

Favorable months: March, July, October

Unfavorable months: September and December

Feng shui objects for luck: For luck, you can put the Than Tai amulet on the north side of the house, so you have more courage and confidence in your work. To reduce conflict, place the Fire Dragon amulet in the North. To increase your fortune of money and prosperity, you can set the golden mouse icon.

Tips for people of the year of the Rat in the 12 months of the year of the Tan Ox

January: January promises to be filled with love for people born in the year of the Rat. This month you will spend a lot of time with loved ones.

February: Financially, this is not a stable month for the Rat. To overcome this month’s challenges, you’ll need intense attention and concentration.

March: Regarding relationships, people born in the year of the Rat have no reason to worry. However, you may have to deal with some financial problems. Any initiatives in business need to be carefully analyzed.

April: This month, people born in the year of the Rat have a chance to stabilize their financial situation. You don’t have to worry about any difficulties or be intimidated by competitors who are competing with you. You are strong enough to cope with these challenges.

May: During the first part of the month, you should review your life plan and think deeply about how you approach the activities in which you participate.

June: You are likely to expose some work inconsistencies. After June 13, you have consensus in favor of resuming discussions.

July: You are encouraged to fully explore the advantages of open communication in a married relationship, as well as in family life. Although it was not the easiest thing, but now their efforts to show off will pay off beyond expectation.

August: From the very first days of the month, you will experience some difficulties, which is why some stress will arise in the relationship with your co-worker or business partner.

September: This month will be really special. You will receive the news that you expect. How long ago will the wishes be fulfilled.

October: From time to time, stop doing your daily activities and give yourself some moments of peace and think about what you really want. It is important to analyze whether the projects you pursue are satisfying or not. You can think about stopping, if the results don’t satisfy you.

November: You have to take care of a loved one with a serious health problem, even to the point of neglect of yourself. Try to check on your health and take care of yourself and strengthen other relationships as well.

December: Every time someone tries to give you advice, you tend to be skeptical of things. Perhaps this stems from your lack of confidence, or the fact that you don’t know yourself well. However, remember that an aggressive attitude and narrow vision will drive away all those who love and respect you.

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