The destiny of the Monkey year in Tan Suu 2021

Age Than is playful, intelligent, witty and playful. Curiosity motivates them to explore the things around them.

People born in the years 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016. They are always happy, like to joke, but sometimes they can hurt other people’s feelings. In some cases, they become stubborn, or even appear immature. In addition, the age of Than also believes in others less. They tend to hide their feelings quite well.

People born in the body age are generally very intelligent. When they were students, students, they did well. When they go to work, they have the opportunity to become great leaders. People in this zodiac have a competitive nature and hate to lose, which can be both positive and negative.

One of their weaknesses is that they can become overconfident sometimes.

The New Year Horoscope predicts that the age of Than will have a good year, focusing on spiritual development. During the year, concerns related to the financial sector are focused, mainly during the beginning of the year, especially income from main jobs. This is also the year when they need some privacy to focus on themselves.

About finance and career

The new year comes with many good news. At least Than age will not miss the opportunity to show his talent, ambition, capacity to work and passion. If you have the right job, during the year you will have opportunities to find a job that is not only a career step up, but also well-paid. It is a good idea to send your resume to companies in your area of ​​interest and be well prepared for interviews. Negotiate for a decent salary.

For people in business or starting a business, you can benefit from your channel. However, wasting money is not recommended. It is best for the investment to repair the house, buy a car … to the end of the year.

The finances of the relatives in the coming year will remain stable. Hard work, determination, and confidence are your traits, bring into play all of these to advance your career.

About love life

Body Age is sensitive and full of life. Thus, this year, they can attract people of the opposite sex and seek love opportunities. Some people may develop strong feelings for a friend you have known for many years, thereby finding a partner among your friends.

At the end of the year, singles will experience short relationships, but if you want a serious relationship, you need to wait more.

For those in a close relationship, you may consider getting married. However, take time to get to know the other person well and strengthen the relationship before deciding to stick. If you suspect that your spouse’s feelings for you are not faithful, you should learn or talk frankly to get an answer.

Age Than and Rat have the same thoughts and beliefs, so there is an irresistible attraction between them. However, both of them have to work hard to be together for life.

Ty or Thin are ideal life partners of the Monkey age, they are irresistibly attracted to each other. However, the union of Body and Tiger will only bring quarrel and suffering, so it should be avoided.

About health

The age that the body wishes to have is inner peace. Activities like meditation, tai chi, or yoga will help you relax and strengthen your fitness.

By the end of the year, your health may be in trouble. If you are older, you should see your doctor regularly, especially in the early part of the year, especially if you have a chronic illness. If you are young, be careful with your diet and don’t be lazy in exercising. The months of February and August of the lunar calendar are the months with the greatest health risks.

Tips for people of the age of Than in Tan Suu year

Advantageous direction: East, West

Lucky colors: pink, yellow

Lucky numbers: 3, 7, 9

Favorable months: August, September, and October of the lunar calendar

Unfavorable months: June and November

Feng shui lucky objects: Horus eye icon is a protective talisman for feng-shui protecting the home and workplace. This is a powerful symbol for protection from obstacles, helping us to defeat evil, get out of troubles. You can also use crystal ducks indoors, help protect your marriage, are amulets for love, fidelity and harmony relationships.

Advice for people aged Than 12 months in Tan Suu year

January: People born in the Monkey age will have a lot of energy and creative ideas that can be applied in practice, especially at work.

February: You can complete courses that you started some time ago. You can also plan a personalized training program.

March: You have the ability to continue some research and study in your field of interest, even abroad. Around March 18, should pay attention to cultural and artistic activities …

April: After April 13, you will participate in discussion activities, even social activities.

May: A friend can offer you a business deal. It is advisable to thoroughly analyze the new project and see if it fits into your professional plan.

June: Everyone is busy with work and personal issues, but you get the impression that your problems are the most urgent and important, and you behave as if everyone should be on your way. You will annoy some people with this attitude, and when you really need someone, all you get is a turn away.

July: Tense discussions will happen in the beginning of the month. From the second week of the month, you will be more friendly and relaxed. You also think about doing something new, maybe traveling somewhere.

August: You work a lot and spend less and less time with your family. It’s time to put an order in your life and set your priorities. Work is very important, but you cannot ignore that loved ones need you and expect your support. So from week two, you come back and start focusing on doing something good for your loved ones.

September: You are very sensitive, and even the slightest criticism annoys you. Try to get a little stronger and direct your mind so that you won’t get caught up in all the negative emotions, because you’re just hurting yourself. You can take the right class to improve your lifestyle.

October: Your financial position will improve, allowing you to pay for monthly fees and bills. With regards to your love life, you might meet someone you find fit in many ways, offering a promising relationship.

November: Partnerships and partnerships are very important. However, even when professional relationships are more positive than personal relationships, they also matter. Should not “the serious side, the contemptuous side”.

December: You make money but also spend a lot on living expenses. Should be more economical.

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