The dedicated ‘female generals’ are based on technology

Hau Ly, Tra Ly, Lynette Chong take on difficult jobs that are only for men because of their passion and dedication to being the back-end for Gojek.

Exciting, busy and changing dizzying every day

Coming to Gojek Vietnam office, visitors always feel a very vibrant, urgent and bustling atmosphere. In this corner is the place to welcome the driver’s partner to sign up for cooperation, change uniforms, study traffic law, the other corner is the Customer Care Center, the staff gaggle answer the phone, the other is the place register to open GoFood online stalls of restaurants …

Gojek is also easy to stun with newcomers because of the dizzying interaction with hundreds of thousands of partners, huge workload and speed of work processing, technology updates “as fast as electricity”. Therefore, many people are surprised when the leaders of the weak faction such as Almost Ly, Tra Ly, Lynette Chong are “standing at the head” for the most “heavyweight” work.

Ms. Hau Ly, leader of the Driver Assistance Policy group at Gojek Vietnam. Photo: Gojek Vietnam.

Lynette Chong, Director of Gojek Vietnam’s Corporate Partnership Division, born and raised in Singapore, used to work in the Indonesian market, which has a dynamically developing ride-hailing industry. Yet when she came to Ho Chi Minh City to join Gojek Vietnam earlier this year, she was amazed at the speed of the departments and teams working here.

In a foreign country, in a young technology company, Lynette Chong quickly immersed herself in the hustle and transformation wheel. “If I just stick to a fixed idea or process, I cannot adapt. In Gojek, my day is summed up in three words: exciting, busy and changing drastically. But the feeling of the end of the day. I am very satisfied because I can do meaningful work, “shared Lynette Chong.

Every day, Lynette is busy talking with partners, restaurants, and major brands to build and develop cooperative relationships. She also continuously advises and supports brands to seek new cooperation opportunities with her colleagues.

Dedicated female generals based on technology - 2

Lynette Chong, Head of Gojek Vietnam’s Corporate Partnership Division.

Similarly, for Ms. Tra Ly, 20 years of experience working in a series of foreign banks and domestic banks does not mean that you can master everything when joining Gojek earlier this year. There are tons of new knowledge that Tra Ly had to learn from the beginning, as a Senior Manager of the operation group. Her job is to work with numbers, plan the driver’s supply based on predictions about the number of orders in each period, and assist with solving partner problems.

For the young female leader in charge of driver support like Almost Ly, the work of managing the development lifecycle of Gojek drivers’ partners, from the time they are not a partner until the end of cooperation seems to be only for male, when the majority of driver partners are male. Most of the day is a long series of listening to the feedback from customers and drivers, distinguishing between right and wrong to avoid cases of unfair sanctions on drivers. From there, she and her team will research and analyze internal data and collect data from the market to make appropriate customer service policies and standards, how to balance the fairness. , transparency and quality.

The strength of the weaker sex when managing the men

The work that requires the female generals of Gojek requires contact with many male partners every day – they are hard workers, struggling daily in the harsh conditions of the street. Ms. Hau Ly, Tra Ly, and Lynette said strength is a woman’s instinct: to listen.

For the Maid, listening is an important part of the job. “Every day, my colleagues and I spend most of our time listening to customer reviews, expectations as well as the aspirations of the driver partners. We also find ways to shorten the posting process. Signed so that the driver partner can operate properly in the shortest time. There are cases where the driver officially becomes the driver partner of Gojek in less than 3 hours “, Ms. Hau said.

Dedicated female generals based on technology - 2

Ms. Tra Ly, Senior Manager of Operations Team. Photo: Gojek Vietnam

Many people call him “Mrs. Thanh Tam” of the driver because she is willing to listen and share not only during office hours but also anytime, anywhere while traveling. At 7:45 a day, she puts Gojek to work to enlist questions and listen to the driver’s partner’s feelings in work and life. For her the joy is to be able to hear all the stories of customers and drivers on the street to find ways to better support them. Sometimes, most members of the group also organize to meet the drivers directly to listen to the feedback, even listen to “scold”, to feel the most frustration and feelings of the driver’s partner. , and quickly make options for adjusting related policies.

After work, she booked a Gojek ride home. On hot days, rainy days or late overtime evenings, there are still pick-ups, she is even more sympathetic to the driver’s partner.

Similarly, with Tra Ly, the ability to listen and empathize is also her strong point at work. The characteristics of Gojek partners are mostly those with little opportunity and vulnerability, the hard working environment withstands the sun and rain. Listening to their sharing, Tra Ly and colleagues make adjustments to make each driver’s working day easier. She is the organizer of programs such as donating shirts, donating hats, masks, moon cakes … to bring small joys, help partners stick and serve customers well.

In the near future, Tra Ly intends to propose the company to carry out training courses for partners on microfinance management skills, situation handling skills … to help the driver equip the driver with useful knowledge. for work and everyday life.

Never stop learning every day to grow

When asked the “female generals” of Gojek what they are most happy about as a member of a dynamic young startup, the answer is to learn and develop every day.

“My first impression is that the working environment with very good leaders, most of them are young people, friendly staff, talented and passionate about the job”, shared Tra Ly. Joining Gojek, she became familiar with the working method that prioritizes results, saves time, goes straight to problem solving and all decisions are oriented to the benefit of partners and customers. She also loves the self-promoting culture at Gojek.

As for Lynette, she is happy that female members at Gojek are always encouraged to develop and create equal opportunities with men. She has never felt that her voice, job or opinion are considered less important because she is a woman. All people, men or women, are equal and promoted solely on the merits and achievements of Gojek.

Lynette said, one of the factors that motivated her to join Gojek, was the company’s goal to bring a better life to customers, partners, and the community regardless of who they are, women or weak people. Gojek is also the first company in Southeast Asia to be named twice in the list of “Companies that change the world” by the magazine. Fortune voted.

“Our work is also not out of this general purpose, in order to provide solutions to difficult problems in daily life through the products and services that the company brings”, proudly Ms. Lynette.

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