The current conditions of partial unemployment benefit extended until the end of April

To help companies fight against the economic and social consequences of the Covid-19 crisis, the Ministry of Labor announced on Tuesday March 9 that the current conditions for partial unemployment benefit would be maintained until the end of April.

These rules provide for the compensation to be maintained at 84% of the net salary for employees, and a zero charge for employers in the sectors most affected by the crisis (tourism, culture, sport and leisure, hotel and catering, transport … And the activities depending on). For companies in other sectors, the remainder is 15%.

Mafias, fraudsters, opportunistic companies… Who are the “profiteers” of partial unemployment?

The government has already postponed several times, each time for a month, a possible tightening of the rules, which would see the remainder dependent go to 40% (with employee compensation falling to 60%).

“Prepare for the gradual lifting of health restrictions”

During her videoconference Tuesday with trade unions and employers’ organizations, Elisabeth Borne, the Minister of Labor, also announced that “Sectoral consultations would be carried out from next week to prepare for the gradual lifting of health restrictions and to adapt the level of support to businesses in a relevant way with a view to these reductions”.

The minister also “Presented for discussion various development scenarios (stoppage, degression or extension as is)” hiring aid for the “1 young, 1 solution” plan, which made it possible to recruit nearly 1.3 million under 26 years old on CDI or CDD for more than three months between August and January, according to the press release .

“The RSA for those under 25 is to suppress the rights of young people”

The ministry indicates that these tracks will be “Trenches Monday at the Social Dialogue Conference around the Prime Minister”.

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