The culprit has already been noticed several times: The file of the knife killer from Würzburg

Wurzburg – He was after women!

Abdirahman J. (24), the knife killer from Würzburg! On Friday evening he picks up a knife in the Woolworth branch and immediately goes for the customers! Three women die, three more women, a girl and a young person are critically injured, and a woman and a man are slightly injured.

The Knife Killer Files!

Abdirahman J. (24), born in 1997 in Mogadishu (Somalia), will travel to Germany on May 6, 2015. Initially, he is housed in Chemnitz (Saxony), where he also applies for asylum. That is rejected. But: “He received subsidiary protection and was allowed to stay legally in Germany,” said Würzburg’s police chief Gerhard Kallert.

“This gave him a legal residence permit in Germany,” says the Regensburg migration expert and criminal lawyer Philipp Pruy (34) to BILD.

The police file of the knife killer shows him after being shot through the thigh in the hospital, among other thingsPhoto: Joerg Voelkerling

In 2016, J. appeared in Düsseldorf (North Rhine-Westphalia) and moved to Würzburg on September 4th, 2019. There he lives in a shelter for the homeless. Until the day he wreaked havoc among women.

When he stabs the helpless victims, according to witnesses, he shouts the jihadist battle cry “Allahu akbar” (God is great). And: After his arrest, J. speaks openly of the “holy war” – the deed is his “jihad”! ISIS propaganda is later found in his dormitory.

The perpetrator has already been noticed several times

The incredible deed of Würzburg – not an event out of the blue! In the last few months alone there have been indications that have remained without consequences:

► In January, J. grabs a kitchen knife during a dispute in the dormitory, threatening people! A preliminary investigation is initiated against J. for threat and insult. This is followed by instruction in the psychiatry “Center for Mental Health”. Abdirahman J. has to stay for four weeks.

A psychiatric report is to be drawn up. Incredible: It will never be finished. Nobody warns of the danger from the knife man! Why? Completely unclear. As if nothing had happened, the 24-year-old returned to the dormitory.

► Another incident in June: J. stops a driver, sits down in the passenger seat and demands to be driven to “Frauenland” – a district of Würzburg. There is also the psychiatric facility in which J. was previously housed. The authorities are taking the Somali to a psychiatric hospital again – this time only for one day!


The poor explanation at the press conference: The doctors recognize “no harm to themselves or others”. Just two weeks after his release from psychiatry, Abdirahman J. was able to reach for the knife with the 13-centimeter blade in the Würzburg Woolworth branch – and kill people as if in a frenzy of blood.

Abdirahman walks through the city center of Würzburg with the kitchen knife - he murdered three women in a department store

Abdirahman walks through the city center of Würzburg with the kitchen knife – he murdered three women in a department storePhoto: private

The bitter irony: If the appraisers subsequently determine a serious mental illness, this protects them from deportation: “Then the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees must establish a ban on deportation,” says expert Pruy.


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