The crazy king Dinh Nai accelerated too quickly, the record of Quyet Chien was broken

Tuesday, 11/17/2020 19:26 PM (GMT + 7)

(Sports news, billiard news) Player Ngo Dinh Nai played impressively on the day when Nguyen Tran Thanh Tu had a high chance of breaking the previous series of Tran Quyet Chien.

Video of Dinh Nai’s impressive acceleration in front of Quang Hai:

On November 17, there were matches in the knockout round of the top 32 of the national championship 2020 tournament. This is a very important round when the winning hand will officially be relegated at next year national finals. The losing player will be officially relegated, must play from the qualifying tournament.

Dinh Nai showed a “destructive” style in this year’s tournament

In the earliest match of the day, Vietnam’s No. 1 player Tran Quyet Chien and defending national champion Nguyen Duc Anh Chien both performed well. Quyet Chien overwhelmed Phan Phuc Vinh with the score 40-14 after 18 turns. Meanwhile, Anh Victory over Nguyen Van Hung with a difference of 40-24 after 29 turns. This is a good signal for fans when these two stars have regained their form after the difficult group stage.

The highlight match was the competition of Ngo Dinh Nai and national champions Dinh Quang Hai. After 11 rounds of speculation, the score was still quite close with a 22-19 difference in favor of Dinh Nai. At this moment, “King of the Madness” has an extremely spectacular sprint. In the next 5 rounds of muscle, Dinh Nai all recorded series to finish with the score 40-24.

At the end of the day, Nguyen Tran Thanh Tu had a spectacular 12-point chance in a dramatic 40-36 victory over Nguyen Quang Phat. This attack of Thanh Tu also surpassed the previous 11-point series of Quyet Chien to temporarily become the highest series mechanic at this year’s national championship.

Crazy muscle king & # 34;  Dinh Nai accelerated too fast, Quyet Chien's record was broken - 2

Thanh Tu is holding the highest series of awards

On the morning of November 18, the 3-band carom content will compete in round 16. The most notable is the encounter between two veteran players Tran Quyet Chien and Ma Xuan Cuong. Nguyen Duc Anh Chien is facing a very high performance muscle man, Doan Minh Kiet (Kien Giang). In addition, Ngo Dinh Nai will have an interesting match with “Black Horses” from Binh Dinh Tran Ha Thanh. The quarter-finals will also take place in the afternoon of the same day.

The final round of Billiards & Snooker National Championship 2020 has the presence of about 150 players, taking place from 11-20 November in Da Nang. The tournament will determine the best players to keep their place in the finals next year, while the players with the lower rankings must go down to qualify. In addition, the tournament is considered a stepping stone to select excellent talent in the team preparing for the 31st SEA Games in Vietnam.

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