The couple gave birth to a child that was not their own

AmericaA mistake by a Los Angeles clinic results in mixed embryos, causing nightmares for two estranged families.

Musician Alexander Cardinale, 41, welcomed his second daughter in September 2019. After becoming pregnant with their first child eight years ago, the couple tried to conceive naturally, so they had to undergo two rounds of IVF.

Alexander and his wife Daphna at a recent press conference. Photo: Peiffer Wolf Carr Kane & Conway

However, the day the baby was born, Alexander was skeptical about the baby’s dark skin and jet-black hair. Over time, the suspicion also grew. “It was really hell for me,” he added. When the baby was two months old, the results of a DNA test showed that he was not blood related.

Alexander and his wife panicked because they did not know where their embryo was and whether it had become a child or not. “My biggest fear is ‘will I lose my baby?'” Daphna, Alexander’s wife, shared.

Weeks after contacting the California fertility clinic and Dr. Eliran Mor, they were told another couple was pregnant and raising the Alexander’s daughter. The two families had to go to court to exchange their biological child, in January 2020, when the two children were four months old.

“It’s very painful that our biological child was pregnant and raised by someone else and the child I brought into this world could not be with me,” Daphna said.

Alexander's eldest daughter was shocked when her beloved sister was taken to another family to live forever.  Photo: Insider

Alexander’s eldest daughter was shocked when her beloved sister was taken to another family to live forever. Photo: Insider

This is not the first case of embryo confusion. In 2019, a couple in New York sued a fertility center in Los Angeles, because their baby was not born Asian like them. It turned out that their embryos were also mistaken for another family.

Law firm Peiffer Wolf Carr Kane & Conway, representing the Cardinales, said it has handled hundreds of cases of errors and errors at the fertility center, from missing embryos to doctors using their own sperm in the process. IVF treatment without consent.

Zoe, the biological child of Alexander and his wife (left) and their baby girl, was nine months and 10 days pregnant (right).  Photo: Facebook Alexander

Baby Zoe, the biological child of the couple Alexander (left) and the girl they were pregnant with (right). Photo: Facebook Alexander

Currently, Alexander’s family is suing the California fertility clinic and Dr. Eliran Mor. The other family said they are also completing the procedure to sue for material losses and mental suffering caused by the clinic’s mistake.

The two families are committed to spending holidays and birthdays together and staying in regular contact. “The family over there is kind and lovely,” said Daphna. Zoe, now 2, has become attached to every member of the Cardinales family.

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