The couple became millionaires during the pandemic

BrotherEstablishing the company in 2010, but half a year ago, the business of Adam Taylor and his wife has just risen like a wind.

Adam and his wife Alexandra Taylor, from Warwickshire (UK), started the Pet Shop Bowl a decade ago. At that time both were unemployed due to the financial crisis.

The company operated in moderation throughout the years. Covid-19 broke out, the company suddenly made a huge profit. “Our business has gone from success to success, especially in times of epidemic,” says Adam, 39.

Since customers are at home, they have invested in pets. Pet items, especially the care and grooming of the pet, are preferred. “In just a few months, we’ve gone from making £ 2,000 a week to over £ 21,000 a week – that’s a 950% increase,” Adam revealed.

Adam and his wife’s business has flourished since social disengagement. Image: Ladbible.

The couple are among eBay sellers to hit a record £ 1 million in sales this year. It is estimated that the number of eBay millionaires has increased 35% in the context of translation. In London there are 52 people, Manchester with 36 and Birmingham with 35 people surpassing the one million pounds mark.

Another successful person is Rodney Davies from Oakhampton, Devon. He sells home accessories online and his business, Far East Direct, which has a turnover of £ 4.5 million, is now up 50%. His favorite items are dog stables, yoga mats, organic compost cabinets … Beekeeping equipment is also selling well.

“Since the social gap, our company has been flooded with orders. Last year sales were £ 4.5 million, this year can expect £ 6.5 million,” he said.

“The pandemic has certainly hit businesses hard, but it also shows that entrepreneurs can turn a crisis into opportunity, making millions of dollars,” said Murray Lambell, eBay UK General Manager “.

It was these futuristic small businesses that would help drive the UK’s economic recovery, he said.

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