The contest ‘Xèo Xèo – Why don’t you cook’ is back

From November 22 to December 19, the contest ‘Xèo Xèo – Why don’t you cook’ comes back with many cash prizes and gifts for the winners.

Through two rounds of the contest ‘Xèo Xèo – Why don’t you cook it’ taking place in August and September, the Organizing Committee has received hundreds of entries from readers nationwide to participate. The contests covered a variety of topics such as sharing homemade dishes, recipes, making nutritional menus, using ingredients, memories associated with dishes, how to make delicious cakes, Notes in cooking, unique presentation…

Fried rice wrapped in egg bags by reader Kim Oanh participated in the “Xèo Xeo – Why don’t you cook” contest, phase 1, taking place in August.

So that the housewives of the family can continue to share the happiness of cooking, the Cooking page of the Electronic Newspaper cooperated with the brand Vianco – Vietnamese Indian Spices to organize the third “Xo Xeo – Why don’t you cook” contest, taking place from November 22 to December 19. Participating in the contest, readers can share about the happiness of thinking up a delicious recipe for themselves and their families; how to have a quick but good quality meal; presenting an eye-catching tray of rice; make a menu of nutritious dishes; Share how to make delicious cake…

Readers submit entries for the contest in the form of articles sharing cooking methods, food experiences, Unicode font, accompanied by 1-3 illustrations. Photo post (maximum 12 images) to take pictures of your own food and share the cooking process; or a video contest with sharing about the process of preparing ingredients, cooking them, presenting them and enjoying them at the table.

The illustration image is a JPEG or JPG image file. The image is less than 1,000 pixels wide. The size of each picture is more than 0.3 MB but not more than 5 MB. Video submissions are up to 3 minutes long, less than 200MB in size. Contestants upload the video to Youtube and then send the link with the article to the contest page.

The contest has 4 weeks (week 1: 22-28/11; week 2: 11/29-5/12; week 3: 6-12/12; week 4: 13-19/12).

Each week, the Organizing Committee will select two best quality entries, according to the correct criteria for awarding, including: a first prize and a second prize. In which, the reward for the first prize is 2 million VND and a gift from sponsor Vianco; The second prize is one million VND and a gift from sponsor Vianco.

The organizers will announce the winners next week on

Contest rules here.

Readers submit entries here

Organizing Committee


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