The company gave this statement on the new privacy policy of WhatsApp, will these features not be available?

Instant messaging app WhatsApp is constantly facing controversies regarding its privacy policy. Amidst this controversy, the company has accepted the new guidelines issued by the central government. Although the company had earlier lodged its protest on this guideline. At the same time, in the midst of all this, WhatsApp has issued a new statement regarding its privacy policy, after which the users will get some relief. Let us tell you what the company has said in its new statement.

This was the first statement
WhatsApp had said for the users who did not accept its new privacy policy that if the privacy policy is not accepted then the account of the users will be deleted. After the uproar, the company said that the account of such users will not be deleted, but some facilities of users who do not accept the privacy policy will be banned. Meaning such users will not be able to take advantage of many facilities like calls and messages.

WhatsApp now said this
WhatsApp has said in its new statement that even if users do not accept the new privacy policy, their features will not be blocked. This means that the company will not turn off any feature for users who do not accept the new policy. After this statement of WhatsApp, those users who were unable to accept this new privacy policy will get relief.

Will keep alert
WhatsApp has also said with this announcement that even though the features will not be discontinued for the users, but users will continue to get alerts about the new privacy policy. The company has also claimed that most of the users have accepted the privacy policy.

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