The column with the woof effect: Finally sand and sea air again

What a stupid virus winter that was. Made my people a pack of couch potatoes.

But now it’s back to the beach!

I notice it as soon as I jump into the car. The human girl smells of sunscreen. The parasol, my drinking bowl and the water bottle also come with me.

Photo: BILD

As we get out of the car, my ears flutter in the wind and my heart flutters with happiness.

I speed along the dog beach, shoo seagulls into the air and jump into the water to a Labrador.

I’m finally allowed to be a seal again!

On your marks, get set, dig!

On your marks, get set, dig!Photo: private

But what is it? The human girl digs in the sand. Without me? She’s crazy. I rush into the hollow, growling. After three minutes we encounter sea water and a dead cancer. But I won’t eat it, the scissors pinch my stomach.

Go back in the evening. The human man complains about the sand in the car. But that’s not what he means. Two-legged friends are happy when we four-legged friends are. You just can’t show it that way.

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