The clip stunned the fans of billiards: A girl named Tran was able to beat pigs

Monday 7/12/2020 00:04 AM (GMT + 7)

(Sports news) A clip recording the score in the 3-tape carom content of a female gamer has made the Vietnamese billiard community “feverish”.

Video of the talented 6-point muscle line of an amateur female player in Vietnam:

Recently, the Vietnamese billiard fan community has stirred up by a clip of a very talented score of an amateur female player. Watching the video, viewers were impressed by the girl’s meticulous calculation ability, the ability to avoid a ball collision very well and the very good hand power of the girl.

The female player in Da Nang has a very talented score

On her first hit, the girl made a strong impression with a precise 5-band muscle line with powerful hand force.

In the following situations, the heroine continues to hit the muscle very smoothly and beautifully, to score herself a series of 6 points. Even with this series of points, the girl is “smashed the pig” (the award that the club gives to the player with the highest three-band series of the day).

After being posted, this clip has attracted nearly 100,000 views on the Billiards Vietnam forum. It is known that this female player named Tran, currently working at a Billiards club in Da Nang. After watching the clip above, many fans expressed their hope to soon see this girl compete in domestic tournaments.

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