The cinema takes up its summer quarters at La Villette

The sky is swooning with pink tones, night will soon fall in the Parc de la Villette in the 19th arrondissement of Paris. At that time, the spectators, comfortably installed in their deckchairs or on the grass, wait for the outdoor session to begin. Free, the open-air cinema sessions are a success in view of the crowds, this Wednesday, August 4th.

Tourists on vacation in the capital or Parisians who are determined to take a breath of fresh air, there is a friendly atmosphere in the meadow of the triangle, in the heart of the park of the capital. From July 20 to August 21, from Wednesday to Sunday, films on the theme of dance are offered this season. flash dance, Pulp Fiction, TheLadies of Rochefort…, there is something for all tastes and all ages.

Having a picnic before the session adds to the pleasure of these outdoor sessions. “In our frenetic pace of visits during the day, it’s nice for the children to be able to play in a large space in the evening”, confides Jacques Baucheron, on vacation with his family in Paris. Other young visitors are delighted that the event is free. “We are on vacation in Paris, a free evening activity, we do not neglect it”, explains Marie, 20, and her friend Gaëtan who nods.

At La Villette, 32 years of outdoor summer screenings

Many Parisians take part in the celebration. Clément, 35, finds himself in La Villette after work with colleagues. “We were able to have a drink on the grass, eat on site… We feel good, some of us are staying tonight for the screening”, explains the 30-year-old. The initiative thrills the spectators present. They do not hesitate to comment on the film screened this Wednesday, August 3, Together by Valerie Donzelli. “The sound echoed and I didn’t like the film, but in this pleasant setting, it’s still a beautiful summer evening”, confides Jacqueline, 74 years old.

This love story between a Romeo from the countryside and a Juliet from the city, magnetized by the greatest of mysteries and condemned to stay together, nevertheless fits perfectly with the theme of this 32nd edition of open-air cinema at La Villette. Valérie Lemercier and Jérémie Elkaïm danced, but did not make the whole public dream despite the relaxed atmosphere of this beautiful summer evening and the prospect of many other screenings open to all between now and August 21. After Hello Sadnessby Otto Preminger programmed on Sunday August 7, these are Dancer in the Dark by Lars Von Trier Eyes Wide Shut by Stanley Kubrick and Life is Beautiful by Frank Capra which are scheduled for next weekend.

Similar initiatives exist today throughout France, such as that of the Institut Lumière in Lyon, the “Summer in Cinemascope”, which organizes a screening every Tuesday at Place Ambroise-Courtois, or the “Ciné plein air” in Marseille which offers free movies at about 20 locations across the city until September 23. Sessions under the stars are also organized in Rennes, Metz, Strasbourg, throughout the Hauts-de-France region as well as in rural areas.


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