The Chinese star caused a stir at the US Open after 63 years, the fear of losing 1.8 billion dong

(Sports news, tennis news) There were quite a few surprises when the first day of the 2022 US Open tennis tournament ended.

Chinese men’s tennis “breaks” 63 years

For women’s singles and Chinese tennis, with legendary Li Na winning two Grand Slam titles, men’s singles, for 63 years, no Chinese player has won an official match at a Grand Slam.

The Chinese star caused a stir in the US Open after 63 years, the worry was " lost it"  1.8 billion dong - 1

Wu Yibing continues to write history for Chinese men’s tennis

But this changed at the first round of the US Open 2022 taking place in the US. Wu Yibing, a 22-year-old tennis player who represented the nation of billions of people, defeated Nikoloz Basilashvili 6-3 6-4 6-0 in the first round of the US Open on August 29.

The last time a Chinese-born male player won a Grand Slam match was in 1959, when Fu Chi Mei beat Ron Barnes in five sets at Wimbledon. Thus, after 63 years, Chinese men’s tennis has successfully broken through.

To participate in this year’s event, the 22-year-old tennis player won two consecutive ATP Challenger tournaments, creating a breakthrough on the ATP scoreboard, from March to now, he jumped from 1,869 to 174.

Earlier in 2017, it was also Wu Yibing who won the 2017 US Open championship for youth. Wu was once the number one young in the world, and with the feat he just created, he is expected to bring more surprises to Chinese tennis.

Winning the right to advance to the second round, Wu will meet Portuguese tennis player Nuno Borges, who also competed from the qualifying round, then win in the first round.

If you play superficially, you will not receive a reward of 1.8 billion VND

The US Open 2022 will have a total prize value of up to 60,102,000 USD. The men’s and women’s singles champion will become a millionaire with a prize of up to $2.6 million, the runner-up will win $1.3 million and the semi-finalist will receive $705,000.

The Chinese star caused a stir in the US Open after 63 years, the worry was " lost it"  1.8 billion dong - 3

If you do not play your best, it will be difficult for the players to receive prizes in the first round of the US Open 2022

The reward is so great that just one player who plays in the first round of the US Open will receive a desirable amount. Accordingly, playing the first round of the US Open 2022 helps the players receive 80,000 USD (equivalent to more than 1.8 billion VND).

But recently, the organizers have introduced more strict regulations, the organizers have the right to ban participants from receiving bonuses if they find that the players are not trying, so if they want to receive money, players must compete. Do my best.

The new rule reads: “All players must show professionalism in every match at Grand Slam. For matches in qualifying and first round, if the referee reports that the player is not playing against To the best of his ability, that player’s prize money will be kept.”

Those “players who did not complete the match” or “the players who did not compete in the three-week period prior to the Grand Slam Tournament”, are also likely to not receive the rewards that were originally due to them.

In the past, there were many players who attended just for the prize money, when they won tickets to the first round of the Grand Slam, they were considered to have fulfilled their quota, so they played in a “forget it” style and then received the bonus. With the new rule, players will have to play really determined if they want to receive money.


US Open tennis live on day 2: Nadal fights

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According to the National Assembly (Ho Chi Minh City Tourism Magazine)


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