The charm of Boncha honey tea

Boncha honey tea conquers consumers, especially young people because of its creative taste, bringing an instant feeling of freshness.

How Boncha made a foothold in the beverage industry

Launched in less than two years, Boncha has left a certain mark on the beverage market and has become one of the most popular beverage products today. Boncha brings a new breath to the instant tea industry thanks to the innovative combination of familiar ingredients such as 100% pure honey, whole-leaf green tea and imported fresh fruit juice.

The innovative flavors of Boncha honey tea. Image: Uniben

Boncha honey tea with a trio of flavors including lemon, kumquat, blueberry is suitable for the taste and personality of a variety of customers. If the cool sour taste from fresh lemon juice and a little sweetness of honey bring a feeling of freshness, the combination of kumquat, honey and tea leaves creates an interesting feeling. Meanwhile, the blueberry flavor brings a new experience, full of personality and modernity.

Boncha also continues to “make waves” in the market when it launches a sleek-can version. This innovation not only pioneered a new standard in the instant tea industry, but also brought consumers, especially young people, a more trendy beverage experience.

Boncha honey tea in sleek-can cans.  Photo: Uniben

Boncha honey tea in sleek-can cans. Image: Uniben

Uniben’s creative spirit

Before Boncha appeared on the market, Uniben with 30 years of experience had established a certain position in the food industry with two familiar brands, 3 Mien noodles and Reeva noodles.

In 2019, on the success of the food industry, Uniben decided to dominate the beverage market and Boncha was one of the key products. “With the tradition of promoting Uniben’s spirit of innovation and creativity, we decided to combine natural ingredients in a new way, in addition to honey and green tea with the addition of juice, providing a unique experience. The drinking experience is different from other products on the market”, the business representative shared.

Besides the innovative taste, Boncha is also trusted by users thanks to the quality guaranteed by Uniben, a business that has established a position in the food industry. Leading research experts have worked with Uniben to build the formula for Boncha honey tea to ensure the highest possible quality and respect the nutritional values ​​for the health of consumers.

Not only that, Uniben also invests heavily in infrastructure with three large and modern European-standard factories in Hung Yen and Binh Duong to provide high-quality and innovative products. . Boncha honey tea is produced with a strict process, on a closed line to ensure food hygiene and safety.

Uniben's European standard factory in Binh Duong.  Photo: Uniben

Uniben’s European standard factory in Binh Duong. Image: Uniben

Boncha honey tea with creativity in taste and design has become the choice of many consumers. “The initial success of Boncha promises to create new developments for Uniben’s beverage industry in the future,” a business representative said.

Diep Chi

In 2022, Uniben celebrates its 30th anniversary. As a leading food company in Vietnam, Uniben currently owns 3 European standard factories, with the brands 3 Mien, Reeva, Boncha, Joco and Abben. In which, 3 Mien noodles with rich juice is the brand chosen by Vietnamese consumers to buy the most. Reeva is a premium noodle brand with 100% fresh ingredients. Boncha honey tea is made from 100% pure honey and whole leaf green tea. Joco juice with crunchy, crunchy fresh fruit pieces. Abben is an energy drink brand with the position of “The best energy standard, creating precision in every action”.


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