The card god brought 7 girlfriends to get the championship belt of Madman McGregor

(Sports news, martial arts news) The rich Dan Bilzerian star has caused a storm of the internet with a new image on Instagram.

Dan Bilzerian is not an excellent athlete, nor is he a person with special talent, but the 41-year-old, 1m74-tall man is still known by tens of millions of people on social networks.

Bilzerian and 7 girlfriends go to McGregor’s pub

In a recent trip, the rich American man dragged 7 beautiful girlfriends to the Black Forge Inn pub of Irish boxer Connor McGregor. Going to the pub, taking the belt of “Crazy guy” McGregor to take pictures, people thought Bilzerian wanted to challenge the Irish boxer, but that was not the case.

In fact, Bilzerian is a former Marine, but he has never fought, and with his wealth, he has no intention of fighting. Simply, the American man just wanted to stop by where McGregor does business and take pictures with the championship belt of the “Crazy Man” UFC.

Bilzerian has a strong body like an athlete thanks to the period of training in the army. He joined the US Navy in 2000. But after many attempts failed to complete the training program, he later entered the University of Florida, majoring in business and criminology.

Graduating from school, Bilzerian, a person with no really outstanding talent, struggled to find a way to start a business but still had no results. He was bored with spending time and money on poker, and this was the turning point that changed his life.

Poker used to be one of the content that Indonesia put into competition at SEA Games and ASIAD, this competition content, helped Dan Bilzerian get rich quickly.

In 2008, Dan competed at the World Poker Championship. At that time, he finished 180th, pocketing about 37,000 USD in prize money. 2 years later, Dan shocked people with his peak earning, with only 750 USD he multiplied to 200,000 USD.

At that time due to excessive play, ex-Marine Dan only had 750 USD and had to pledge his property to get 10,000 USD, buy a one-way ticket to Las Vegas to play Poker and return with 200,000 USD, this is the step. turning point in Dan’s life.

From that $200,000, Dan won somewhere and quickly became a millionaire. According to BBC, Dan Bilzerian’s fortune has now reached 310 million USD. A quarter of this number, about $50 million, comes from Poker tournaments.

Compared to other sports figures like Ronaldo, McGregor, Mayweather…Dan are not as rich, but this man’s ability to brag and play is difficult for anyone.

The man nicknamed “Social Networking King” attracts tens of millions of fans by regularly posting photos showing off scenes of fun and entertainment in lavish places with hundreds of beautiful beauties.

“Social network king” Bilzerian often appears on websites with images like a muscular athlete sitting on a yacht, a supercar, and a series of beauties. A photo was posted every few days, and each time one saw a new set of beauties standing next to Bilzerian.



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According to the National Assembly (Ho Chi Minh City Tourism Magazine)


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