The Cannes Film Festival, in Cannes, at all costs

There was no question of the Cannes Film Festival staying at the quayside, while all the others (Bologna, Angoulême, Venice, Deauville, Saint-Sébastien, Lyon, Pusan ​​in South Korea) had managed to squeeze through the constraints sanitary, barrier gestures, physical distances and reduced gauges.

Also, after having “walked” the main part of the 56 films of the Official Selection to some and others, we can understand the frustration, annoyance and crumpled pride that the promoters of the most important and the most resounding film festival in the world. There was no question, therefore, that this 2020 edition would become a ghost, a hollow year, a hole in the history of the event. No question of abdicating, nor of leaving a blank page in the chapter that the others had filled, no matter what.

A symbolic version

It was therefore decided in all haste, with the active support of the Cannes city hall, to organize a symbolic version, reduced to three days, at the end of October, and to the projection in the prestigious Lumière auditorium of only 4 films of the 56 selected. Two French films and two foreign feature films will therefore be presented, with perfect gender parity …

For the opening night, Tuesday, October 27, at 6 p.m., A triumph, by Emmanuel Courcol, followed Wednesday October 28, by Beginning, by Georgian Déa Kulumbegashvili (crowned with four prizes, collected at the San Sebastian Festival) and Thursday, October 29, the last day, of True Mothers, the Japanese Naomi Kawase and, in closing, the film by Bruno Podalydès, The Two Alfreds.

“A compendium of the happiness of being in Cannes”

Symbol for symbol, a Palme d’Or will even be awarded, late Thursday afternoon, at the end of the lightning-fast competition (one morning!) Of 11 short films by a jury made up of filmmakers (Claire Burger, Déa Kulumbegashvili, Rachid Bouchareb), actors (Céline Sallette, Damien Bonnard) and a producer (Charles Gillibert). A prize will also be awarded the day before to one of the 17 short films from the 2020 selection of Cinéfondation schools around the world. ” It’s a summary of the happiness of being in Cannes », Affirms, loud and clear, Thierry Frémaux, its general delegate, on the strength of the success of its Lumière festival, in early October in Lyon, which served as a rear base.

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But just a few days before the event came the announcement of the curfew which forced them to pick up screenings during the day, rather than in the evening, to cancel traditional dinners, and to send professionals to dark, take shelter dare-dare in their hotel rooms. Hoping that confinement, even if it is local, will freeze in full swing this valiant attempt to save the furniture …


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