The businesses are asking for an “imperative reopening no later than May 10”

The main trade federations and some 150 owners, franchisees and affiliates of retail networks sign a “Plea for an imperative reopening of all shops no later than May 10”, a month “Capital in terms of activity” for the 150,000 stores closed since April 3.

Signed by 12 federations including those of franchising, jewelry, furniture, women’s ready-to-wear, footwear, downtown commerce … and retailers (Beauty Success, Brand Sisters, Burton, But, Casa, Celio …), this column published by “the Parisian” this Thursday, April 22 asks the government to act now “This date for” all points of sale, whatever their size and location.

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” We take […] our part in the collective effort to fight against Covid, but this situation of closure cannot last any longer. It seriously endangers our companies and worries our 800,000 employees ”, say the signatories, also insisting on the consequences for the entire ecosystem (suppliers, franchisees, brands, landlords, etc.) and cities that experience a commercial vacancy.

“After losing more than 20% of turnover on average in 2020, we have still lost more than 30% of activity since the beginning of the year and each week of closure impoverishes and weakens our networks. “

“May is more important than March or April”

This is explained by “Significant cash flow problems, a growing level of unsold stock, the cancellation of our investments, the increase in the indebtedness of our companies due to the EMPs … all impacts that worsen the risk of store shutdowns and jobs ”, detail the traders.

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According to Emmanuel Le Roch, general delegate of Procos, federation representing specialized trade, “The aids were better sized for small traders, and that’s a good thing, but we overestimate the strength of the networks which have 200 or 300 stores: it is in fact a set of small farms, and as the aids do not cannot compensate for such long periods of closure, it is absolutely necessary to reopen ”, he told AFP.

“May is more important than March or April: we must not reopen too late, for textile players or those who depend on sales generated by Mother’s Day”, he said.

He also called on the government, which has “Made firm commitments on compensation for fixed charges, rents and unsold stocks”, at “Quickly pay compensation up to the stakes”.

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