The British rich spend money to hire someone to take care of their children

On average, a rich child spends about a million pounds a year on nannies, tutors and even toilet teachers.

Two daughters of Nina Nest, a super-rich fashion designer in London, England. Photo: Bilibili

Mo, who lives in London, is a driver and bodyguard. His daily job starts at 6:30 am to pick up and protect two children. Mo’s owner is fashion designer Nina Nest, 34, who lives in a mansion on Chelsea street. The house, according to Mo, is worth £7 million.

Nina’s work is very busy. She does not have time to take care of her children to school, so she hires a nanny, driver, bodyguard, tutor… Every year, she spends about £2 million on all of these people to take care of her two children. . Therefore, Nina does not have to worry about children and household chores, and can do what she likes.

In the UK, there are many rich people like Nina, who hire all kinds of family care services to relax themselves. This spurred service companies to be born, making it easier for the rich to find the employees they need.

However, the requirements of the upper class family were very strict. They want the nanny to have a high level of education, a clear background and love children. “Since nannies will be with children all day, their personalities will definitely influence them,” Nina says. Once hired, many nannies are even closer to children than their biological parents.

Igor with his wife and daughter Ketia live in Kensington Street in London. Kensington is known as the street of billionaires, the most famous rich neighborhood in England. This Russian investor’s mansion costs £45 million.

In order for her daughter to develop to the fullest, when she was only 5 years old, her father bought a violin worth 7 million pounds by her father. Once, the mother invited the world-famous violinist Dmitry Sikovitzki to teach her to practice, when the school held a music festival.

Although she has invited many senior tutors to teach her daughter, over the past 13 years, the family’s most effective assistant has been nanny Emma. To keep this woman, Igor even bought her a house and said: “It was the best investment decision of my life”.

Emma is a very important nanny to little Ketia, the daughter of a Russian millionaire living in England.  Photo: Bilibili

Emma is a very important nanny to little Ketia, the daughter of a Russian millionaire living in England. Photo: Bilibili

Emma is very important to Ketia. She can tell her nanny everything that happened to her, even though she never confides in her parents. Emma is considered a great nanny by the landlord, because every gesture of Ketia’s words shows that she is an educated child. This girl said that her growth was largely influenced by the nanny.

Ketia shared, from a young age, her mother often had to go on business trips and did not have time to care for her children. The nanny took care of the little girl like her own child. She often hugs the little mistress to confide or tell stories. When Emma is away, Ketia will miss her very much and often refer to her as “second mother”.

Igor’s wife Natashi also appreciates Emma very much, she thinks that the nanny is like her companion, and is also an effective assistant to help her take care of and raise children.

Not only Emma was given a house by the owner, but Amanda Jenner, an expert in teaching children how to use the toilet, also bought a villa in Dorset, one of the most expensive areas in the UK.

For the average family, asking a specialist to help guide a child to the toilet seems like madness. But in affluent families, this is becoming more common. Amanda explains: “For upper-class families, toilet instruction is an important skill that shows the level of their parents.” Normally, Amanda takes about three days to teach children how to use the toilet properly and each time she earns £2,000. The demand for this is increasing, making Amanda’s job more and more convenient.

In the UK, one out of every four children has a tutor. The industry is worth £6 billion a year.

High-class families are willing to spend a lot of money to hire tutors for their children with the desire that their children get the best education to get into top prestigious schools like Oxford or Cambridge.

Mark McLean is a senior tutor.  One hour of his teaching amounts to 500 to 1,000 pounds.  Photo: Bilibili.

Mark McLean is a senior tutor. One hour of his teaching amounts to 500 to 1,000 pounds. Photo: Bilibili.

Mark McLean is a senior tutor at an educational institution. His clients are the richest families in the world, be it the king of a country or the owner of a large business. Most of them do not care about the cost, only care about what their children learn.

What a senior tutor does, Mark says, goes beyond the norm. They not only impart profound knowledge to children, but also have superior teaching methods, such as going to the Pyramids in Egypt to experience reality instead of just observing on the pages of a book.

The cost to hire such a high-class tutor is not cheap. An hour of Mark McLean’s teaching costs up to £500 to £1,000. Families who invite Mark to teach are willing to spend millions of pounds on their children’s education each year. This is very common among the super-rich in this country.

A client of Mark McLean is only 8 years old but has 12 tutors. All of these people are very good at their fields of expertise, including the editor-in-chief of a newspaper or famous gardeners.

“For the elite, they soon realize that the people around their children will influence them the most. This also explains why they in every way find their children a nanny or tutor who is devoted to their children. them,” said Mark McLean.

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