The boy’s ‘life cannot be subdued’ is just one place

HCMCBeing a “money-making machine” with a promising job, Nguyen Chanh Tin has an accident and is bedridden, but for the past 10 years, he has not let himself be a burden to everyone.

Four months ago, Nguyen Chanh Tin, 34 years old, a man from Hoai Nhon, Binh Dinh decided to hand over the grocery store to his mother to enter Ho Chi Minh City because he believed this was a golden land for change. Tin maintains life by selling online. Every day, even though he has to type the keyboard with his knuckles, he still builds a blog, writes stories of his life as a life lesson for everyone. Tin was invited by several speakers to inspire sessions to share.

“I want to study stocks, train to be a speaker, and perfect a book to sell for the less fortunate. I want people with fate like me to be optimistic, to create yourself. The association lives on, lives well “, the young man with a volatile life from Hoai Nhon, Binh Dinh said his new plan.

In 2010, after finishing the work for his company in Saigon, on the way home, he had a serious traffic accident. Tin was hospitalized at Cho Ray hospital. “At that time she could not breathe, had to use the device, and squeeze the ball”, Ms. Bich Thu and Tin’s mother recalled. In the room where the son lay, ten people came in and five people “covered in blankets” brought it out.

Tin opened his eyes in pain, saw his mother collapsed beside the bed. The boy was motionless, had to deliver food directly to his stomach, was muted. “Hang on, children, in a few days you will be well, work, life is waiting for you,” said the mother, but she did not think she would ever get up again.

Everything collapsed. But love his parents, his tears only flow at night. “Live or die,” he wondered miserably. Tin tormented himself for three days and three nights and then dismissed the pain to think: “Death is over. So if we live, what to do with the immobile body?”. The plan came to mind, the young man accepted himself as disabled. “I am a brave and strong person. I want to continue to see what challenges are ahead,” Tin told himself.

Mr. Nguyen Chanh Tin was born into a farmer family with two children in Hoai Nhon, Binh Dinh. Unlike friends, Tin has a passion for business and has aspired to start a business since he was a student. Image: Characters provided.

Before becoming a person with mobility impairment, Nguyen Chanh Tin used to drop out of college to start a business. Like many young people in martial arts, he went to Ho Chi Minh City to study at university, raising his dream of changing his life. To help her parents, Tin both went to the lecture hall and worked part-time jobs from carrying to the operator. He makes a match, sells phones and laptops online to increase his income.

Among more than a dozen classmates who went to Sài Gòn, Tin was the most resourceful, and was likened to by his friends as a “money-making machine”. “When we were naive, only knew how to study, they had a lot of money to spend. Whatever we do, we are afraid of being deceived by people, and they do a few things every day,” said Ho Ngoc Hung, countryman. He used to share a room with Mr. Tin when he was told by his student.

By the second year of university, knowing that my passion was not the construction field I was studying but the business, I would like to reserve. He contributed capital to rebuild a small company that was on the verge of bankruptcy, and at the same time continued to sell portable products online. At that time, each month, Tin’s income was about 15 million dong.

The business is stable again, projects are back on hand, Tin is excited to see that the road ahead is expanding. But that same year, the accident caused everything to suddenly shut down.

I accept my disability, but do not accept disabled, “he made up his mind when determined to live. Tin rushed into rehabilitation practice and left Saigon to return to his hometown. After nearly a year, he took his own spoon to scoop the rice and did not need his mother to fertilize. Tin can move his arm, type on the keyboard with his finger joints.

The bank’s student loan debt matures, and the money is up to billions of dong. Concerns came when the hospital stay plan was deployed by Tin. “Now does not start with zero but negative,” he told himself.

By phone, computer, the boy contacted the lead to give up the goods, then passed to the retailer to get the difference. Tin asked a brother to guide how to use social networks. He went up there to open a shop selling Binh Dinh specialties. Tin also connects with friends, the youngest brother who is studying and working in Saigon, providing a source of goods for profit.

Lying in one place, but Tin can pay off student loans and support himself. Seeing stability, with a little capital, he focused on the internet mobile phone business. But one night of high fever in 2012, stealing into the house “zipping” clean phones, laptops, wallets, total about 50 million. Empty-handed back with empty-handed.

Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Thanh (Father Tin) helped me up, his voice trembled: “It’s gone, dear”. He sighed, said while laughing: “It’s gone”. “Why are you smiling?”, He asked in surprise. “Maybe now crying, I am out of tears. I can’t get back even if I cry,” he replied, his voice dry. Having lost something so big in life, this shock to others was frightening, but Tin can bear it. “It’s important that I’m alive. No one in the family is lucky,” he said automatically.

The neighbors know the story, collect the money to help him buy an old laptop. “They give me more motivation on this difficult journey. I owe another debt of gratitude”, Tin seemed to be motivated.

The grocery store cum sells Tin's cell phone back home.  Photo: Character provided.

The grocery store cum sells Tin’s cell phone back home. Image: Characters provided.

This time, he did not work alone, but invited his friends to work together. But because of drunken work, sitting for a long time, the ass is ruined. In the middle of the night, my mother turned on the power, and saw blood flowing all over his body. Tin urged her mother: “I call a taxi quickly to take me to the hospital, hurry up or else I will die. I do not want to die”.

Tin spent two months in hospital and two more years to heal. From that moment, he could barely sit, but just lie down. The disabled boy expands on specialty items beyond. Credits call companies that have reputable products, offer to intermediaries for them. The job helps Tin have money for food and medicine.

Three years after the date of the theft of all assets, Tin has accumulated capital to open a “self-service” grocery store. He contacted his friends to inquire about the import, price, and find the only supplier who could leave most of the goods at his home. After a week of planning, Tin has her own grocery store. Guests come to choose what they need, be quoted and charged by the owner. After that, the buyer pays the money himself, getting his change back. To have high profits, Tin often hunts for discounted goods on e-commerce floors and sells them at market prices.

“Since the day Tin’s grocer was available, all the neighbors, from the old to the young, came here to buy. Everyone loves and respects the energy of someone who doesn’t surrender to his fate. It is not a burden to pay for yourself, “said Bao Uyen, 43, a neighbor.

On average, it costs 5 million VND for medicine a month. Each time he goes to the hospital, he costs several tens of millions, but over the past 10 years, Tin has been able to take care of himself. “My parents are old, what I told me is not to burden them,” he said.

Nguyen Chanh Tin participated in many inspirational sharing sessions.  He is loved and admired by many people because of his determination to change his harsh life.  Photo: Character provided.

Nguyen Chanh Tin participated in many inspirational sharing sessions. He is loved and admired by many people because of his determination to change his harsh life. Image: Characters provided.

Not only feeding me, but also the driving force for others to overcome the events of his life. Ms. Huynh Thi Hiep, 35 years old, in Quang Nam happened to read Tin’s share on social networks amid a downturn in tourism work and family problems. Mrs. Hiep struggled with, unable to find the motivation and direction.

“I admired him so much, so I decided to text him. He enthusiastically shared, encouraged and directed me. Even though it was still difficult, I knew the way I should go and was motivated. to step, “said Hiep.

The threshold of 2021 has just arrived, Nguyen Tin has promptly written down his goals, planned for himself and started to implement. Although lying in one place, Nguyen Chanh Tin always “acts” because the mind “waiting will destroy creativity”.


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