The boy who saved your life with a simple trick

AmericaSeeing that your friend was pale and unable to breathe from choking on food, Garrett Brown, a third grader at Lakeview Elementary School, ran over to perform the Heimlich maneuver, September 15.

Jordan Nguyen, a music teacher at Lakeview Elementary School (Norman, Oklahoma), said the incident happened in the school cafeteria and Garrett Brown immediately improvised within seconds.

Garrett was honored for saving classmate Cashton from choking. Photo: GMA

It was a favorite day for most students because the menu featured fried chicken nuggets. 3rd grade boy Cashton York just took a bite when he started choking and couldn’t breathe.

The boys around stood up screaming and running to find adults for help. Meanwhile, Garrett – Cashton’s classmate calmly performed the Heimlich maneuver. “Instead of screaming, Garrett jumped to the other side of the table, stood behind Cashton and did a few push-ups. It only took two back and chest compressions, Cashton was able to push the food out. outside,” said Ms. Jordan.

When she ran from the far end of the canteen, Cashton was breathing normally again. The whole incident took place in just a few dozen seconds and was captured by security cameras.

The Heimlich maneuver is a first aid technique that involves pushing the abdomen, hitting the back, or both, to push the object out of the airway. Garrett said he was taught the Heimlich maneuver by his father early on, so he was able to react quickly in this situation.

Cashton was frightened by the incident and was taken by the teacher to the infirmary for examination. After about 15 minutes, I went back to the canteen and ate a new set of fried chicken balls.

Cashton’s mother, Tiffany Smith, is grateful for Garrett’s quick and brave action. Bad things can happen in seconds if Cashton doesn’t get help in time.

Last Friday, Lakeview Elementary School honored Garrett with a “Hero Award”. The Norman Fire Department and Police Department also came to congratulate the 8-year-old boy. Both agencies have confirmed they will reserve a position for Garrett when he is an adult. Garrett was both surprised and proud of the special award ceremony.

After the incident, staff at Lakeview School are planning to organize first aid courses for students.

“We will organize extracurricular life skills classes, including basic first aid, with kid-friendly lessons. That will help students know how to handle emergency situations.” Jordan Nguyen said.

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