The boy sat on the mare with the groom and then started dancing

Watch Video : Can there be a wedding in India and there is no dance? Dance is the most important part in an Indian wedding. Be it the groom’s side or the bride’s side, friends, relatives from both sides and now even the bride and groom themselves dance fiercely. Many videos of dance in marriage also go viral. Some of these dances are really amazing and make a lot of headlines. At the same time, some dances also become such, which are quite viral and make other people laugh a lot. Today we will show you one such viral video, in which you will burst into laughter after seeing a boy’s dance.

goes and sits with the groom

In this video that is going viral on social media, you will see that the procession is about to come out. The mare is standing, the groom is sitting on the mare, people are standing. Meanwhile, a boy comes and sits on the groom’s mare. Now as soon as he sits on the mare, he starts dancing in such a way that the bride and groom also start laughing.

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Liked people on social media

Actually, this boy sits ahead of the groom on the mare. This boy starts dancing serpentine, moving from here to there like a rubber. Seeing this, some people present there start making videos. This dance is not only enjoyed by the people present in the procession, but this video is also becoming quite viral on social media. A large number of people are also commenting on this video. Some are sharing it on other platforms.

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