The boy renovates a 20 year old house for his parents

PacifyThe house of Mr. Nguyen Truong Luan, built in 2000, has only one bedroom and one toilet for four people.

“When I was a child, my brothers and I used to spread mattresses in the living room and the whole family shared a WC. At that time it was okay but growing up was quite inconvenient, not to mention the times when I invited friends or relatives to stay overnight. “, Luan tells about a 20 year old house on a land of 4.7 x 31 m in Tay Son, Binh Dinh.

From the growing need, after two years of cherishing, Luan and his parents decided to dismantle the old house, save money to build a new and more spacious house.

House facade after renovation. Image: Nguyen Truong Luan.

Studying architecture, the thing that pressures London the most is to create a decent house. The problem is how to have enough capacity while ensuring airy and cost-saving.

Luan's home before the renovation.  Photo: Nguyen Truong Luan.

Before the renovation, Luan family’s house had only one floor, the space inside was cramped and mysterious. Image: Nguyen Truong Luan.

Rot decided to keep the foundation, the column positions in the house will also build on the old column. After five months of construction with a total cost of more than 700 million, the two-story house was completed with three bedrooms, two toilets, a living room, a kitchen and a worship room. The roof was tiled according to Luan’s parents’ wishes.

The partition between the living room and the kitchen was removed to expand the space, meet the needs or organize a large family dining. To do this, Luan revealed that he had to persuade his parents to “remove the local architectural trails”, for example the kitchen must have partitions.

In the middle of the house, the staircase combined with the floor becomes a conventional boundary between the living room and the dining room, the kitchen. Mr. Luan said that this is the “most expensive space” in the house because of the bright lights and green areas for the project.

In addition, want to give priority to “view” behind the house for the third bedroom, Rotating the toilet first, so the two toilets are not coaxial.

Common living space of the family.  Photo: Nguyen Truong Luan.

Common living space of the family. Image: Nguyen Truong Luan.

During the construction process, due to work, Luan is not always on duty at the project while the craftsmen do not fully understand the drawings. Before that situation, his father turned from a civil servant to a reluctant construction supervisor. “Every day, at the end of the session, waiting for the mechanic to come home, my parents will take pictures, call me to see the progress and correct if there is any mistake,” Luan shared.

“The best thing is that in the end, the efforts of the whole family over the years have paid off. Everything went smoothly and parents feel comfortable and cozy in their own home,” Luan said. more.

See drawings of the project here.

Click to see more pictures of the project.

Minh Trang

Photo and design: Nguyen Truong Luan


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