The boy likes to apply lipstick for his visually impaired wife

HanoiEvery morning, when the market toad alley 396 Truong Dinh became noisy by the siren of cars and the shopkeeper, Pham Van Tuyen started brushing and painting his wife’s lipstick.

“He only puts on makeup for his wife”, “His wife’s clothes, he chooses them all”, “The handsome person is gentle and takes great care of his wife” … Words from the butcher, the fish lady, She sells vegetables one after another. In this market, no one can hide the admiration for Tuyen’s love for his blind wife, Le Kim Dung.

This couple is the owner of a center to lash the blind at No. 2, lane 396. Every day, Ms. Dung takes over the professional work, Mr. Tuyen welcomes guests, takes care of his wife, the staff are also blind and shuttle. two children go to school.

Ms. Dung and Mr. Tuyen. Image: Phan Duong.

“I met him 19 years ago, when his eyes could still see a little. It was fortunate because he can still imagine the face of Tuyen. His eyes are always filled with glittering water. and a gentle smile “, Ms. Dung said.

At that time, every weekend, Kim Dung often went to the army barracks in Phuc Tho to visit his brother and sister, through which he knew Pham Van Tuyen, a person from Thanh Oai district in the same unit. Stories between the two people helped Mr. Tuyen to know Dung’s situation. Complications of measles when she was 2 years old damaged her eyes. Later, although the cornea was replaced, his vision was only 4/10. By the age of 17, her eyes were fading.

Time out of service, Mr. Tuyen goes labor export. And Dung went to Nguyen Dinh Chieu school to learn braille. She completed the high school program, in parallel learning about acupressure massage. The letters sent by Tuyen are the most beautiful light in Dung’s difficult adult years.

However, when he confessed, she refused to accept the invitation because she thought that the love of a handsome man with bright eyes for a blind girl would not last. By the third confession she still did not dare to agree. In the distance, Mr. Tuyen has no choice but to talk a lot and persuade a lot. “You have the right to love and receive love like everyone else. I promise to make your eyes, hands and feet for life forever”, Mr. Tuyen wrote in the letter.

“It was not until the end of 2002 that I accepted his love. That was when I held 500 thousand dong of salary for the first month, I knew I could make money by myself and not depend on other people,” she said. Dung said.

Ms. Dung works in massage and acupressure and wishes to be able to expand her institution to provide free vocational training to many others.  Photo: Phan Duong.

Ms. Dung works in massage and acupressure and wishes to be able to expand her institution to provide free vocational training to many others. Image: Phan Duong.

They fell in love for several years. In 2005, before returning home, Mr. Tuyen shared with his father about the girl he loved. Mr. Pham Trong Nha agreed to go to the girl’s house to meet. Seeing that my girlfriend is gentle and energetic, I agree to consider the wedding. However, no one agreed with Tuyen’s 4 siblings and relatives because they worry that he will “suffer his whole life” or that Dung’s illness will be passed on to his children.

Anticipating being opposed, Ms. Dung was not sad or resentful and began to quietly leave her lover. At that time, Mr. Tuyen, just returned from labor export, had to struggle with apprenticeship to find a way to settle down. He himself felt that he was incapable of taking care of the girl he loved, so he accepted to let go. “During the days without her care, my life wasn’t a bit happy,” he said.

A year later, the young couple realized they could not live without each other and decided to “love again from the beginning”. At this time, despite the family’s objections, Tuyen resolutely married. At the end of the year 2007, they both gathered at his house, aunts and uncles gathered to convince him to think again. But no one could stop, Mr. Tuyen steadfastly announced the plan: Ra January will get married.

On the big day, Mr. Nha told the two children: “If you decide to come together, you cannot give up in the future.”

After the wedding, the couple went to Hanoi to rent a house, starting to build a life from empty hands. Ms. Dung, pregnant, cannot continue the work of acupressure which takes much effort. Mr. Tuyen’s family is economical. He drives a motorbike many days until 2-3 in the morning.

Their life is not abundant, but never without joy. There is no holiday when Mr. Tuyen forgets to buy flowers, buy gifts and congratulate his wife. I love my wife not to go here and there, so whenever he has free time, he will go to breakfast and coffee. Every time he goes out, he will choose clothes, apply chalk and paint his wife beautifully. “At first, I used to go to the bar to wash my hair because they applied makeup. After a few times I got used to it, he told him to do it,” said Dung.

In 2011, Dung gave birth to another baby. Relatives on both sides are busy and can not help, Mr. Tuyen quit his job at home to take care of his wife and children. Thinking about the scene where the children are going to school need a shuttle, his wife also needs to take care of the early childhood, Mr. Tuyen encourages her to open a home-based reflexology massage center.

At the beginning of each day, the center only had a few customers, up to now, there are on average 30 guests. Thanks to that, Ms. Dung created jobs for 4 other visually impaired people. For several years now, she cherished the idea of ​​expanding her base to provide free training and more jobs for people in the same situation, but the couple’s capital was limited so she could not do it.

Mr. Nong Van Quoc, 38 years old, an employee in the center of Ms. Dung’s husband said he just came here to work. “I see Mr. Tuyen taking care of Ms. Dung every little bit. Every time she finishes for the customer, he asks if he is tired or need to drink anything for him to buy,” Quoc said.

Mrs. Dung and her two children.  Photo: Character provided.

Mrs. Dung and her two children. Image: Characters provided.

Even though she cannot see, Dung can still do many things like a sighted person, with the conditions in her familiar space. Children over 6 months old, she was able to bathe and feed the baby.

Every day, Mr. Tuyen will cook for the whole family. But when he is away, she still cooks a decent tray of two salty dishes, one vegetable dish. Dung boasted, everything she could cook, except for the fried dishes, would not have a gold standard. Her husband often compliments her fried shrimp and sweet and sour ribs. Mr. Tuyen said that just Sunday night, his daughter said she wanted to eat beef noodles. At 5:30 ‘she got up, walked down 3 floors of the steep and narrow stairs, went to the top of the alley to buy 2 slices of beef and then went back and sliced, cooked neatly like a normal housewife. 6:30 ‘, when husband and two children got up, four bowls of beef noodles were already on the table.

“Can’t see but she has a different sense, still cooks, does laundry, and takes care of her baby like a normal person. Sometimes she goes upstairs so fast that I can’t catch up,” said Tuyen, smiling.

Tuan Kiet, 12 years old and Tra My 9 years old, learn how to treat their mothers tenderly and emotionally. Every time my father has work to return to his hometown, the two of them assign each other to clean the house, wash dishes and chopsticks, not for their mother to do. They also take care of the uncles and aunts like their father does. “Although I can completely do housework, my children rarely let my mother touch my hands,” Dung said.

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