The ‘boy’ decides to become pregnant when he knows he is a woman

AmericaDuring a medical checkup, “boy” Mikey Chanel, in Boston, Massachusetts, was suddenly told that he had a uterus and ovaries like a woman.

“I thought it was a joke so I laughed. I asked them to show my uterus pictures and see on the ultrasound screen,” Mikey said.

October 2002, pregnant mother Mikey. Doctors concluded it was a little girl after the mother had done a full gender test. When the baby was born, relatives eagerly held it, but looking closely, they discovered it had male genitalia. Thinking the fetal test wrong, parents raised Mikey like a boy.

However, since childhood, Mikey has found himself different. “When I was five years old I liked to put on my mother’s lipstick and play with her aunt. I never felt like a boy. I was pretty lanky and didn’t feel puberty like a teenager”, ‘boy ‘then said.

Mikey, when he was a ‘kid’, was often laughed at by his friends for his sissy appearance. Image: Mikey Chanel.

Mikey also has a very translucent lip, a feminine body. Big hips and full butt. He was bullied at school. Mikey has been teased as a “third sex” since the third grade, even though he doesn’t know what the concept means.

At the age of 13, he became openly gay, wondering whether to transgender or not. Until last year, Mikey did periodic check-ups. “I told the doctor it always felt strange after urinating and having sex so they did an ultrasound of my urinary tract,” he recalls.

The results showed that the “boy” had a cervix, ovary, uterus and control tube. In particular, the doctors said he could become pregnant if he wanted.

Mikey has been diagnosed with “Mullerian Tube Syndrome” (PMDS), a rare condition where a person has an external male genitalia, but an internal female reproductive organs. They may have menstrual clots through blood in the urine or semen.

Mikey was advised by doctors to have his uterus removed to ensure his life. However, when she learned that the male reproductive organs were ineffective, she decided to become pregnant to have a baby as her dream.

Mikey Chanel is 4 months pregnant despite having a male genitalia.  Photo: Mikey Chanel.

Mikey Chanel is 4 months pregnant despite having a male genitalia. Image: Mikey Chanel.

“It took me a few weeks in shock, but I woke up to realize I wouldn’t have a baby if I didn’t get pregnant on my own. I always wanted to be a parent. Either now, or never could have done that so I had to give it a try. “, Mikey said.

She conducted a series of procedures and asked for sperm. Because there is no vaginal opening, the spermatozoa is implanted into her fallopian tube through the abdominal cavity. Currently, Mikey is 4 months pregnant.

“The chance of success is only 20% but I do,” said the happy girl.

After taking estrogen during pregnancy, Mikey feels more “a woman” than ever. She hopes to continue with the transition to the correct sex after the birth is completed.

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