The boxer was caught by the neck for forcing a kiss to the female reporter. Time to scare the vet

(Sports news, behind-the-scenes news) The career of “Cobra” Kubrat Pulev turned in another direction since groping a beautiful female reporter.

Video of the match between Pulev and Mir ho, 11/27

2 years ago Kubrat Pulev, the Bulgarian boxer was a notorious boxer among the top of the world’s heavyweight boxing village, he was comparable, even more famous than Tyson Fury, Anthony Joshua or Deontay Wilder at that time.

Publev lost its reputation after the rape of a female reporter in 2019

Pulev, 40 years old, often likened to “Cobra” by the audience, has had a memorable career. He won the world bronze, the European champion in amateur competition, turned professional, the Bulgarian boxer was the champion holding the WBA intercontinental belt.

In his entire career of 30 matches, “Cobra” won 28 matches (15 knock-outs) and lost only 2 matches against 2 great punchers, lost to “Iron Hammer Doctor” Wladimir Klitschko, was defeated by “King” Anthony Joshua 2019.

The incident that affected Pulev’s reputation and career took place in March 2019. After knocking out Romanian boxer Bogdan Dinu in the 7th round, standing in the dressing room, Pulev was interviewed by a beautiful female reporter, not saying that the 40-year-old puncher grabbed his neck and kissed him. on her lips.

At that time Jenny Sushe, a reporter for the media site Vegas Sports Daily, did not react, even she was happy, but when she returned to the newsroom, she returned to sue the Bulgarian boxer for forced kissing. Publev then lost the lawsuit, had to pay money and was banned from competing in the state of California (USA).

After this scandal, “Cobra” played 2 more matches (1 win, 1 loss), including a defeat to Anthony Joshua in the upper stage in 2020, “Cobra” was knocked out in the tournament. Round 9, missed the opportunity to win 4 heavyweight championship belts.

The boxer was caught by the neck for forcing a kiss to the female reporter, the time is over "intimidation"  vet - 3

Publev (right) switches to mixed martial arts events

Publev is no longer considered a difficult opponent to play at heavyweight, so he has turned to arenas that are more entertaining.

On November 27, Publev attended a Boxing match with former UFC champion Frank Mir. The experience of 32 times standing on the MMA floor did not give Mir, who is working as a veterinarian, an advantage against the adept Publev.

Right in the first round of the ring in Texas (USA), boxer Frank Mir was defeated by “Cobra”. The knock-out has been compared to the video game “Mortal Kombat”, where Mir staggers before receiving a hook punch from Publev.

This can be considered as the 29th Boxing victory in Publev’s career.

As for Mir personally, he failed miserably in two transitions to Boxing, in the previous match the 42-year-old former UFC champion lost to Steve Cunningham after 6 rounds of scoring in April 2021.


Shock: The boxer

(Sports news) According to Dailymail, the Bulgarian heavyweight boxer molested the female reporter after winning the match.

According to the National Assembly (Ho Chi Minh City Tourism Magazine)


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