The boxer knocked down a whole bottle of wine and went to the UFC ring, receiving unprecedented criticism

Saturday, March 6, 2021 13:15 PM (GMT + 7)

(Sports news, martial arts news) Not awake enough, the Brazilian puncher was knocked out painfully on the UFC floor.

Video of the competition between Costa and Adesanya in 2020:

Paulo Costa, a 29-year-old Brazilian who plays in the middle class (84 kg) UFC, never tasted defeat until September 27, 2020. The show at UFC 253, the talented Brazilian puncher was subdued by Israel Adesanya, Nigerian New Zealander.

Nearly 5 months after the loss, Brazilian boxers, Costa (left) revealed the cause of the defeat

In the 4th minute of the second half, 31-year-old boxer, Adesanya punched Costa to the floor to win the 20th MMA victory in his career. On the contrary, Costa had to receive the first defeat, which is a pain he will never forget.

Recently on his personal Youtube page, Costa said he was drunk when he stepped onto the ring with Adesanya. The puncher said: “I was drunk while on the radio, the hangover got upset. The night before the match, I couldn’t sleep because of my leg cramps. In order to go to bed, I drank a lot of alcohol. I drank one glass but it didn’t work. I took the second, still useless. I drank half a bottle, and finally the whole bottle of wine.

“I want a rematch. He (Adesanya) knows I want to play. Something happened before the match, this is no excuse for that defeat, but if I do a 100% rematch I will arrest you.” We have to pay the price. That is my challenge to him, “Costa sent a challenge to the opponent.

Adesanya also knew of Costa’s intentions, the 31-year-old boxer replied on social media: “I can beat you again,” Costa pressed the “don’t like” button, to express dissatisfaction. with New Zealand punches.

If you want to rematch with Adesanya, the Brazilian boxer needs to defeat former King Robert Whittaker at the UFC event on April 17, 2021.

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