The bikini-wearing beauty who launched a sensitive blow fell on her face

Friday, February 5, 2021 19:02 PM (GMT + 7)

(Sports news, WWE news) The beauty of the WWE wrestling floor almost broke her neck after performing a somewhat risky attack.

Carmella, 33, the American WWE wrestler was fortunate enough not to be seriously injured, following the incident during the SmackDown title match at the Royal Rumble event that took place over the weekend. Carmella, real name Leah Van Dale, once again failed to compete for the championship with gladiator Sasha Banks.

The beautiful WWE blow almost broke her neck

The most dangerous situation took place near the end of the match, Carmella picked up momentum from the ring, ran over the ring to attack the opponent. Due to being too bloody, when performing the first part of Carmella slightly plugged into the tile floor, fortunately when she landed she did not have a serious injury.

Earlier at WWE there was a similar play in the Lita match against Trish Stratus and a girl had a broken neck. Witnessing the situation above, fans were completely shocked and they all felt relieved to know that the female wrestler did not have a neck injury.

When entering the championship title, the 33-year-old girl had a brilliant red outfit that made many spectators admire. One fan wrote on Twitter: “I’m not a huge Carmella fan, but she looks awesome tonight!”.

Carmella 1m65 tall is a wrestler, model and dancer. She came to WWE in 2013. She won 2 WrestleMania Women’s Battle Royal and WWE 24/7 Championship titles in 2019.

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