The biggest regrets of human life

Wasting time, neglecting studying, neglecting to take care of your own health … are the regrets of many people.

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A British magazine used to survey people 60 years of age and older, with the question: What makes you regret most when you have passed half of your life?

The results showed that, the three most chosen things are: Not working hard when you are young to get old to feel like you have no achievements (92%); Regret for choosing the wrong job (73%) and the third is regret for improper education (62%).

It can be seen that in everyone’s life, everyone will have regrets. However, the Chinese people from the Song Dynasty once summed up the six biggest human regrets.

When doing business, then self-interest, lost then regret

This implies that having high power, each decision affects the interests of many people but makes decisions that are only beneficial for themselves or relatives. They do not realize that the fame is like a shirt, taking it off and leaving nothing but the reputation left. Therefore, the greatest misfortune in life is not realizing yourself. Only by realizing your position can you curb your selfishness and prevent you from going in the wrong direction.

Being rich does not need to be economical, poverty is painful

Going from a poor life to a rich life is easy, but moving from a luxurious lifestyle to a simple, economical lifestyle is much more difficult. Once you are used to living in abundance, when you are in difficult situations, you will not only feel lacking in material, but also mentally unable to relax. Therefore, whenever and where, every person, when living a prosperous day, must think about the difficult day and always prepare for the bad.

Children waste time, old regrets

Time is the most valuable asset, the most expensive thing and the fairest giving. Everyone has an equal amount of time, no matter where they come from, no matter how rich or poor they are. So, if you want to live your best and do something meaningful in life, don’t waste your time. If you don’t save time, spend the time you invest in and improve yourself, your time will be less and less, and you will fall into the vicious cycle of a life in need.

Children do not learn, old regret

If you do not study, gain experience and knowledge in case something goes wrong, when you fall in trouble, you will be completely passive. If you do not update your knowledge, you will soon become lagging, easy to be rejected, forever inferior to everyone.

Alcohol is hysterical, it’s too late to regret it

Buddhism considers abstaining from alcohol as one of the basic precepts. The Buddhist scriptures also talk about the harmful effects of alcohol, for example, in the book “The Axiom Sutra” says: “Drinking alcohol has six things: One, losing money. Two, losing health. Three, losing peace. , loss of image. Five, loss of temper. Six, loss of reason. ” Therefore, ancient people have a saying: “Whether or not wine is precious or not depends on the drinker’s personality”, that’s why.

Everyday, they do not take care of their health, they do not blame anyone

When a person does not care for himself, he will speed up the aging process on his own, quickly reaching the end of his life. Many people fall into a situation when they are sick and regret not having activities and resting on time, not eating healthy … But once the illness improves, it will “edit the old duty”, not value your health.

Health is an asset that not only belongs to you, it also belongs to the family including parents, children, siblings. If you don’t care about yourself and don’t treat yourself well, how can you be kind to others?

Thuy Linh (According to Aboluowang)


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