The best time to take care of your skin

Many people think that just expensive creams will have beautiful skin but do not know the time of skin care is also a very important factor.

Kimberley Hulme, clinic head of a beauty company (UK) said, the time from the end of the evening skincare routine to the time you go to bed should be two hours. This is the best time for skin care products to be absorbed.

“Going to bed after applying your evening skincare routine is a recipe for disaster,” says Kimberly. This expert said, if you go to bed right after applying the lotion, the substances can stick to the bed sheets and pillows when you lie down, causing waste.

”As soon as you finish cooking dinner and have time to relax, you should start thinking about skin care. Taking care of your skin earlier in the evening is not only relaxing, but it’s also one of the simplest ways to ensure you’re getting great results,” recommends Kimberly.

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There are many effective skin care regimens that can be applied, depending on the skin of each person. However, there is a basic skin care routine that can be referred to as follows.


– Removes excess oil and dirt from the skin

– Clean skin with toner

– Brighten skin with vitamin C serum

– Moisturize with moisturizer

– Apply sunscreen


– Repeat the cleansing and skin care steps to clean and brighten the skin.

– Repair, normalize and regenerate skin with vitamin A.

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