The beauty of 1m82 made a historic jump at the world championship

(Sports news, athletics news) Although no world record has been set, there is no shortage of surprises in the ongoing athletics tournament in the US.

The beauty won historic glory for Australian athletics

Eleanor Patterson has shocked the world when she became the first Australian to win a gold high jump at the world championships in athletics (national championship) taking place in the US from 15 to 24 July.

Patterson and the jump that brought history to Australians

The 26-year-old female athlete won the high jump final on the evening of July 20. The 1m82 tall beauty successfully made a jump to reach 2m2, this is Patterson’s best personal achievement and also an Australian record.

This is an achievement that can be said to be ecstatic because Patterson has never crossed the 2m bar in previous events, her best achievement is 1m98.

The unprecedented achievement made Patterson the 10th Australian athlete to win gold at the World Athletics Championships. Before that, John Winter won gold in the high jump in 1948, but that was the event of the Olympic Games.

Patterson’s gold medal helped Australia rise to 9th on the medal table of the 2022 World Athletics Championships.

Burned boy wins gold in 400m

Alison Dos Santos, 22, suffered severe facial burns at the age of 10 months. Growing up with scars on his face, Dos Santos lacked confidence but athletics helped him become who he is. Winning the 400m hurdles in the Americas, winning the Olympic bronze medal and now the gold medal at the world championships track and field championship is a strong affirmation of the talent of the Brazilian runner.

The beauty of 1m82 made a historic jump at the world championship - 3

The boy who was burned is now a world champion

In the final of the 400m hurdles race at the 2022 World Athletics Championships on July 20, Dos Santos finished with a record of 46 seconds 29, 60% more than American runner-up Raj Benjamin. Another American athlete, Trevor Bassitt, finished third with a time of 47 seconds 39.

Dos Santos’ 46 seconds 29 is the best achievement in the 400m hurdles in 2022, and also breaks the record of the world track and field championship alone. The old record belonged to American runner Kevin Young with 47 seconds 18 set in 1993.

Couple “running, dad comments” at the world championship

Jake Wightman, a 28-year-old runner, won the first world gold medal and the first gold for England at the 2022 World Championships in the 1,500m race on July 20. Finishing with a personal best time of 3 minutes 29 seconds 23, Wightman beat Olympic champion and European record holder Jakob Ingebrigtsen.

The 1m82 beauty made a historic jump at the world championship - 4

Wightman is happy to have his parents cheer him on on the day he made history

More importantly, the person who witnessed Wightman go down in history was his father Geoff Wightman, a former marathon runner and tournament commentator.

Witnessing his son’s great achievement, as a father and former coach, Mr. Geoff was moved beyond words, he sat face down on his desk to express his joy.

Then to finish his work, Mr. Geoff finished commenting on awarding his son and the competitors on the podium for the 1,500m run.


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According to the National Assembly (Ho Chi Minh City Tourism Magazine)


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