The beautiful volleyball Kim Hue and Thu Hoai spread their hearts before the stormy day

Wednesday, March 10, 2021 19:01 PM (GMT + 7)

(Sports news, volleyball news) What did the volleyball hero Kim Hue and the second volleyball Nguyen Thu Hoai say about the difficult season of the Bank of Industry and Trade?

Video coach Pham Kim Hue and athlete Thu Hoai say about the difficult season of the Bank of Industry and Trade (source: TV football)

With just over 1 month left, the national championship volleyball tournament will start (scheduled to open on April 11, 2021), but the Bank of Industry and Trade is facing numerous difficulties when coach Nguyen Tuan Kiet is in the same row. series of pillars take off the shirt. In that situation, the pressure was on the shoulders of new head coach Pham Kim Hue and a few remaining pillars like Thu Hoai’s pass.

Kim Hue is worried, Thu Hoai is ready to face the “stormy” season of the Bank of Industry and Trade

However, Thu Hoai herself did not show too much pessimism about the difficulties she faced when she became the “leader” of a young, inexperienced group like the Bank of Industry and Trade.

“For the past few years, I have been in the position of two main passes and was given the responsibility of leading the team, so I am always focused on my mission. On the other hand, due to the many pillars left, the board of management is not. We will try our best to get the best results. “

Meanwhile, head coach Kim Hue has high expectations for students such as Thu Hoai and Thanh Thuy. In a new position, the once-famous beauty of Vietnamese volleyball had just suffered his first defeat with the Bank of Industry and Trade against Vinh Phuc, in a friendly match on the afternoon of March 7 with a score of 2-3.

Judging by this defeat, Kim Hue said: “Currently Thu Hoai and Thanh Thuy are still the souls of the team, the two children are both injured, so the team uses most of the young players. The ability to coordinate lacks food. Agree, even is inevitable, I just know to encourage them to do their best “.

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