The bathtub model amusement park set a Vietnamese record

The Council of Vietnam Records Institute confirmed that Lactacyd Baby’s 200 m2 play area is the largest model of a bathtub in Vietnam.

On August 6, the Council of Vietnam Records Institute (VietKings) set a record “Amusement and experience area for mothers and babies following the model of the largest bathtub in Vietnam” for Lactacyd Baby brand, belonging to the group. Sanofi group. The award ceremony took place on the same day at SC VivoCity shopping center (District 7, Ho Chi Minh City).

Accordingly, the amusement park is located at SC VivoCity, with a scale of more than 200 m2, a total height of 4 m, a total length of 22 m, the widest part is 9.5 m. The inside of the bathtub is about 17.4 m long, 9.3 m wide. The organizers are divided into many functional areas to serve many activities for parents and children to experience and play such as: balloon house, slide area, photography, product experience, statue painting… with a capacity of more than 400 people at a time.

Lactacyd Baby brand representative received the certificate on August 6. Image: Lactacyd Baby

“Vietnam’s largest bathtub model” attracts thousands of families to visit and capture beautiful moments. Children are immersed in the world of bubbles, giant slides, practice as painters…. Experiences from movement to creativity contribute to promoting thinking, curiosity, helping children confidently explore break. Meanwhile, parents have more experience in nurturing and taking care of their children effectively, especially with fragile skin. In addition, many “moms” also have the opportunity to partially understand the baby’s personality and desires, thereby having an appropriate development orientation.

Parents can also experience the new look of two daily shampoo lines for babies – Lactacyd Baby Gentle Care and Lactacyd Baby Extra Milky, with 100% natural milk extracts, containing lactoserum, lactic acid and vitamins.. . has the effect of cleaning, nourishing and protecting sensitive skin.

“All Lactacyd Baby shampoo and shower products are developed with a special formula, non-irritating, gentle to the skin of babies and young children, effectively protecting against external agents, helping children to be self-sufficient. movement news, discovery”, said the brand representative.

Panorama of the largest bathtub model amusement park in Vietnam by function.  Photo: Lactacyd Baby

Panorama of the largest bathtub model amusement park in Vietnam by function. Image: Lactacyd Baby

Ms. Phan Thi Minh Chau – Marketing and commercial director, consumer healthcare industry, said that character education is a combination of listening and understanding, playing an important role in helping children develop. overview. However, in the context of a hectic and busy life, parents have little time or opportunity to interact and play with their children.

“We believe that ‘bathing’ is a precious time, partly increasing the connection between parents and children, helping children to have many happy experiences. Therefore, we have created a unique playground and discovery event. Breaking the ‘Vietnam’s largest bathtub model’, thereby joining hands to raise awareness and promote interaction habits between parents and children. baby’s delicate skin,” added Ms. Minh Chau.

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