The athlete went to prison to be guilty of tattooing a scary body, having trouble because of lifting 500kg

Saturday, January 30, 2021 10:55 AM (GMT + 7)

(Sports news, behind-the-scenes news) Body tattooed athlete who “went to jail to be guilty” had an accident because of overtraining.

According to the profile Instagram of Jens Dalsgaard, a famous Danish bodybuilder, with the nickname “The Beast”, has suffered a quite serious injury. Dalsgaard’s right arm suffered damage due to a passion for lifting weights up to 500 kg.

Dalsgaard looks scary but has a lovable nature

Dalsgaard’s recently updated image shows that the 35-year-old athlete is hospitalized to perform arm surgery. The surgery was a success, the Danish athlete was walking normally but his arm was still not recovered. The 35-year-old athlete advises everyone to practice exercises that suit their physical condition.

Dalsgaard, having a past “going to jail and getting guilty”, was jailed for four years for joining a local gang. After leaving prison, Jens decided to change his life by weight training. Dalsgaard aspires to take on the form of the villains he admired as a child.

With a strict regime of training and nutrition, Dalsgaard has gradually become a famous athlete. In addition to the muscular physique of a bodybuilder, this Danish man also loves tattoos, his body has more than 40 tattoos, especially Jens has a full face tattoo that makes his appearance become ” thorny “much more.

Jens is 1m77 tall, but his chest measures 56 inches (144 cm). He has an arm circumference of 22 inches (55 cm). Currently he is an athlete, an online coach and an inspiration for a number of individuals who want to lose weight, change themselves.

Page Mirror (UK) once described: “If you come across Jens Dalsgaard in a dark alley, you will probably be horrified. The 35-year-old athlete has more than 40 tattoos on his body and weighs up to 120 kilograms. face the horror “.

People who meet Jens for the first time have a feeling of fear of Jens, but relatives and close students consider this athlete to be an adorable “Monster Guy”.

Some of the latest images of Danish athletes


The 35-year-old athlete had to be hospitalized with arm surgery because of too much weight lifting


Jens’s gorgeous back muscles


The athlete’s face was full of mud after participating in the strength competition

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The world's most feared

(Sports news) The 35-year-old Danish athlete is dubbed the “Beast” because of his fierce face.


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