The athlete did it with 10,000 beauties, the U80 still got a scandal

Tuesday, September 28, 2021 19:04 PM (GMT+7)

(Sports news, behind-the-scenes news) At the age of U80, power legend Richard Morgan Fliehr is still accused of sexual harassment.

Ric Flair, full name is Richard Morgan Fliehr, American wrestling legend – WWE, is considered one of the most “floral” characters in the world of sports.

Tommy Dreamer witnessed the WWE legend groping a flight attendant, after nearly 20 years he revealed the truth

He has been a 16-time world heavyweight champion (8 times NWA World Champion, 6 times WCW World Champion and 2 times WWF Champion), but all of that is overshadowed by the “killer” statistics. this situation”. Ric Flair has experienced many love affairs, he has been divorced 4 times and is happy with his 5th wife, Wendy Barlow.

Even more shocking, during the August 2017 presentation of the ESPN documentary “The Nature Boy” about Ric Flair’s career, he revealed a shocking piece of information: “I don’t remember exactly. , but I think I’ve slept with about 10,000 women What I’m saying is true, but I’m ashamed of it Ten thousand women, I wish my grandchildren wouldn’t know this information “.

It seems that stories related to love always follow him, at the age of U80 (72 years old), this man is still accused of sexual abuse by women. According to RT (Russia), the story of Flair “groping” a flight attendant in 2002 was recently revealed by a former wrestler.

Athletes "doing sex"  with 10,000 beauties, U80 is still scandalous - 3

The legend once proudly went to bed with 10,000 troubled beauties at the age of 72

Tommy Dreamer, 50 years old, a former WWE wrestler, made this story public to the press. Former hostess Heidi Doyle, suspected victim of groping by Flair in 2002, has repeatedly spoken about this, but she has no evidence.

After being denounced by a young colleague, Flair and the WWE side did not speak up.


Beauty declares

(Sports news, Olympic news) After winning the Olympic gold medal, the female athlete did not hesitate to talk about her “sex”.


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