The 9X teacher is as beautiful as a dream and the hot girl in a pink dress with a stick dance causes a storm in the network in 2021

(Sports news, martial arts news) Vietnamese martial arts forums are constantly “waking up” before the extremely skillful nunchaku performance clips of beautiful teachers Thu Huyen or Tran Thi Hau in 2021.

The beautiful 9X teacher Thu Huyen suppressed the pain of practicing tapestry

At the beginning of April 2021, Vietnamese martial arts forums shared a lot about the clip of an extremely beautiful girl, bright white skin and hot body performing nunchaku very skillfully. . In addition to many words of admiration and admiration, some comments revealed that this girl was in fact a teacher who surprised many people.

Beautiful teacher Thu Huyen with extremely skilled nunchaku skills

The main character in the clip is Nguyen Thi Thu Huyen, a Japanese language teacher at a famous center in Hanoi. Although her main job is teaching, Thu Huyen is extremely passionate about sports, fluent in many subjects such as Boxing, Gym, modern dance, Billiards, especially nunchaku.

Spending 3 days a week to practice hard, the hot girl born in 1994 said that she often had to compress pain to practice because the stick hit her head, arms and legs until she was bruised. Thanks to her hard work, Thu Huyen has acquired a very skillful skill of spreading the stick as well as performing many difficult movements.

The 9X teacher is

Thu Huyen said many times to compress pain to practice because the stick hit the head, arm or leg

Thanks to her passion for sports, the hot girl from Hung Yen has an extremely hot, dynamic and healthy body. Her personal page attracts more than 65,000 followers. She herself said that since practicing hockey, her daily life is very happy because people pay more attention.

Hot girl Tran Thi Hau wearing a conical dance dress causes “fever”

Having spent 7 years practicing martial arts as well as nunchaku, Tran Thi Hau is considered the number 1 “hot girl nunchaku” in Vietnam in terms of popularity, as well as her two-handed duet dancing skills. his own idol Bruce Lee. The beauty born in 1999 is a name that many young people, especially women who are passionate about nunchaku, come to “longevity”.

The 9X teacher is

Thanks to her hard work in the gym, Tran Thi Hau has an impressive figure even at home for a long time because of social distancing

2021 is quite a special year for Tran Thi Hau when she has to stay at home most of the time because of social distancing. However, this cannot make an active girl reduce her love and sports-related activities.

She designed a mini gym at home by herself with all the necessary equipment. Thanks to that, during the time of social distancing, Hau proudly shared that his butt increased by 2 cm and his body became more “fiery” with measurements of 86-60-92 cm.

9X teacher

The 22-year-old hot girl’s skillful yoga skills on the rope

Good at a variety of sports such as Vovinam, Boxing, Kickfit, Taekwondo, Gym, mountain climbing, cycling,…but by the beginning of November this year, the 22-year-old hot girl continued to make fans admire when she released a set of photos. “Burning eyes” showing off the skill of performing Yoga on the rope is very eye-catching, artistic, with high difficulty in balance and technique.

Most recently, Tran Thi Hau once again caused a “storm” online with a clip wearing a skirt to go right, a very magical cone dance with the status line “Parents told me to be gentle to get married, and this is me.. “..”.

The 9X teacher is

Tran Thi Hau wearing a dance skirt caused a “storm” of the internet

After only a while of posting, this video has attracted nearly 20,000 views with countless comments expressing admiration for the talent of the beautiful girl. Besides, some fans also found out that this is a rare time that this hot girl nunchaku shows off her dancing skills when wearing a skirt.

Currently, Tran Thi Hau is the owner and main coach of a gym that specializes in teaching nunchaku and modern dance. Tran Thi Hau said that in 2022, she will promote her work of teaching martial arts, dance and Gym to bring her passion for sports, martial arts and especially nunchaku to more people.


Beautiful 9x teacher Thu Huyen loves nunchaku:

(Sports news, martial arts news) Not only beautiful, Nguyen Thi Thu Huyen also has a great passion for sports, especially…

According to Le Phong (Ho Chi Minh City Tourism Magazine)


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