The 9-year-old boy uses scholarships to help poor patients

Ho Chi Minh CityFrom the 10th grade to the 6th year of university, each time he received a scholarship, Doan Luc Nghi brought donations to the Social Work Department of Cho Ray Hospital.

“I don’t remember how many times and how much money I sent,” said Doan Luc Nghi, who just graduated from the University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Ho Chi Minh City.

Nghi added that, from the 10th grade at Le Hong Phong School for the Gifted until the 6th year of university, every term he received a reward or scholarship for his good academic performance. All that money was transferred to Cho Ray Hospital with the desire to help patients with difficult circumstances.

Luc Nghi (left) awarded his scholarship to a social work interviewer while doing an internship at Cho Ray hospital in his third year of university. Photo: Characters provided

Luc Nghi is the only child in a family whose parents are civil servants in District 10. As a child, Nghi was often asked by her mother to participate in patient support programs at hospitals. That habit has stayed with him to this day.

Master Le Minh Hien, head of the Social Work Department at Cho Ray Hospital, said that Luc Nghi is a rare benefactor who has been with the hospital for a long time. “In the past 9 years, she has donated 63 million dong to the patient. Luc Nghi is now a younger brother, a valued guest who is about to become our colleague”, Mr. Hien shared.

However, when entering the last two years with a more difficult program, Nghi no longer had a scholarship. Instead, he used the money saved from previous years so that at the end of the term he still had a small amount to contribute to the hospital’s fund.

Currently, he has completed a 6-year medical program. Recently, Nghi joined the free consultation team for people infected with Covid-19 to treat at home.

“I think I will continue to accompany difficult patients, not with scholarship money, it can be salary or other charity work,” the young man said with a smile.

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