The 40-year-old paratroopers stun MMA: The punch faints the opponent 100kg

Monday 9/11/2020 19:05 PM (GMT + 7)

(Sports news, martial arts news) Heavy boxers who receive a fatal punch from the opponent are dubbed “Paratroopers”.

Video “Paratroopers” martial arts punches

Sergei Kharitonov, a Russian MMA fighter is 40 years old but has yet to show signs of slowing down. At the MFP Parus Fight Championship held in the UAE on November 7, the puncher dubbed “Paratroopers” Russia had a punch like a sledgehammer, causing the opponent to collapse immediately.

The sledge hammer punch of “Paratroopers” defeated the boxer 100kg

Face to face with his fellow rival, Oli Thompson, 40, from England, Kharitonov played overwhelmingly from the start and won with a 1m85 punch, weighing 100kg in the third, first half.

The infamous knock-out marked the 32nd win of Kharitonov’s career, with 21 defeating opponents. With kickboxing, he also has a record of 7 wins and 4 losses.

Not only fighting MMA, Kickboxing, 40-year-old boxer also debuted Boxing in September, where he defeated Mike Tyson’s old rival Danny Williams by knock-out in a match in Russia.

With Thompson, this puncher had to receive the 13th defeat of his career, and also the 9th time he was defeated by a knockout. Losing 3 of the last 5 matches, perhaps the retirement of British boxers is approaching.

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MMA boxers kicked down the opponent, immediately pushed the referee down

(Sports news, martial arts news) After the knock-out, the boxer received a powerful blow from the person who controlled the match.


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