The 150kg boxer went to jail for punching the Monster, he had to surrender after 90 seconds

Saturday, September 25, 2021 19:05 PM (GMT+7)

(Sports news, martial arts news) A 150kg boxer who spent 5 years in prison made his debut at a bare-handed Boxing event.

Video of the fight between the “jail” and the British boxer:

Viacheslav Datsik, a 44-year-old Russian boxer who served five years in prison for robbing a store, recently returned to the ring after two years.

Viacheslav Datsik (right) kills his opponent after 90 seconds

The boxer nicknamed “Red-haired Tarzan” has a height of 1m85, weighs 150kg, has participated in 15 MMA matches (won 6, lost 9) and played 8 times in the Kickboxing arena (6 wins, lost). The last match of “Red-haired Tarzan” took place in 2019, he lost to Jerome Le Banner (France) by knockout in the second half.

Returning to the ring after 2 years, the 44-year-old boxer did not choose MMA, Kickboxing, but joined the fierce bare-handed Boxing arena in Moscow (Russia) recently.

Confronting the boxer dubbed “Brown-skinned monster” Randy Randayn (UK), with 5 wins in all in the boxing arena bare-handed, Datsik was underestimated but he created a surprise.

Using “stormy” moves, the 44-year-old Russian boxer defeated the opponent in just 90 seconds. Winning super speed on the first debut and against an extreme opponent, “Red-haired Tarzan” becomes a formidable opponent for all bare-handed boxers.


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