Thailand: German tourist (75) was missing for seven days – saved alive!

Happy ending in a missing persons case in Thailand!

After a feverish seven-day search, rescue teams rescued a missing German pensioner alive from the Thai jungle on Monday.

Barbara Elisabeth Monika Glag Lange left her hotel on Phuket last Monday (May 9) for a hike – since then the elderly lady had been swallowed up by the earth. Exactly one week after her disappearance, search parties found the missing German tourist alive in the jungle.

According to media reports, helpers had combed the area for 40 kilometers – they also searched up to ten kilometers further in the open sea. Finally, the missing person was spotted by a little boy in Sirinat National Park (Northwest of the country). He alerted the emergency services.

The rescue of the weakened tourist turned out to be difficult: First, Lange had to be carried on a stretcher for two hours through rough terrain. It turned out: Lange had no food and no water with him. Her location was about 15 kilometers from her hotel.

Before her disappearance, the vacationer was last seen leaving the hotel in Mai Khao. A surveillance camera recorded how Lange set off on her hike.

Citing Lange’s family, the media reported that Lange was suffering from Alzheimer’s. She had already left the hotel before she disappeared, but was found again.


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