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Cooked fish and fruits, cooked with banana flowers, braised rice with guise leaves, sour fish and potato soup, perch cabbage soup are Thai Binh’s rustic dishes.

If Hanoi dishes are delicate and sophisticated in each processing stage, Saigon dishes are rich and liberal, Thai Binh dishes keep the most rustic and rustic features. The most clearly identifiable mark is that Thai Binh dishes often use guise leaves as a spice to bring up the aroma of the domestic wind.

1. Cooked fish

Cooked fish fruit with a bright yellow color, naturally sweet and chewy fish meat, rich flavor of fish balls, soft bananas, sour and salty, round taste, easy to eat. This dish is delicious with white rice or vermicelli.

According to Oriental medicine, fish is sweet, neutral, non-toxic, has the effect of supporting spleen, water, anti-inflammatory, very good for women, children and people who have just recovered from illness. There are many dishes from fish and fruits that are very good for health, in which a rustic dish, long known as cooked fish, of Thai Thuy and Thai Binh people. Regarding the interesting name “cooking”, local people think that the typical dish is chopping fish bones and then rolling them into balls when eating, feeling like “haunting” the smell of kitchen smoke – the rustic, very simple smell of country. There are also people who think that the dish is meticulously processed, so it is very delicious, both young and old, and diners for the first time are attracted. Because it’s so delicious, many people always remember it, so it becomes an obsession.

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2. Fish cooked with banana flowers

If other regions use banana flowers to make salad salads or eat with vermicelli dishes, the people of “rice country” in Thai Binh often use banana flowers in soups and dishes such as: Bun bung with banana flowers, flowers. Cooked bananas, banana flowers cooked with snails, banana flowers cooked with fish chips…

Thai Binh's rustic delicacies cause nostalgia - 1

For those who have never eaten a soup made from banana flowers, they will think that the dish will have a bitter taste. But when enjoying the dish of calamari cooked with banana flowers, you will be surprised by the very harmonious taste. The mild acrid taste of banana blends with the natural soft sweetness of the fish, the sour taste from the spices and especially the aroma of guise leaves and perilla that will be difficult to refuse.

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3. Loot warehouse station

Tram is in the same family as crab but I am bigger, flatter, soft shell and many bricks. In the rainy season in June and July in Thai Binh, the grass grows a lot and is strong. The mothers have made many delicious dishes from rice straw such as cooking soup, roasting with salt, but the most impressive thing is braised rice with guise leaves.

Thai Binh folk delicacies cause nostalgia - 2

The braised ram is rich in flavor, soft in both the shell and the claws, the red brick is golden, the aroma of guise leaves makes anyone who eats it remember forever the rustic charm of the country’s soul.

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4. Sour fish and potato soup

Potato fish is most abundant in the seas of Thai Thuy and Tien Hai, Thai Binh in the high water season from September to December of the lunar calendar every year and is considered a “specialty given by heaven”. Taro fish has a soft, elongated body, white flesh, has a cartilage line along the spine, has no scales like peeled potatoes. Fish potatoes can be processed many delicious dishes such as fish and potatoes hotpot, fish and potatoes porridge, but the most delicious and round is the sour fish and potato soup – a soup that is often served to precious guests of the people here.

Thai Binh folk delicacies cause nostalgia - 3

A bowl of soup with soft, naturally sweet white fish meat, slightly sour and sweet broth, with the aroma of dill and green onions will make diners ”fall in love at first sight”.

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5. Cabbage soup with perch

Thai Binh people have a saying, “Coffee soup cooked with perch, fragrant ginger for a while, let her keep her husband” is enough to know how delicious this dish is. Only a few perch children with a bunch of vegetables and cooking skills of mothers and grandmothers, soon the kitchen corner becomes strangely attractive with a bowl of hot perch soup.

Thai Binh folk delicacies cause nostalgia - 4

White fish meat, soft and sweet, stands out in the bowl of soup with young, hot green vegetables, quickly dispelling the sweet cold of the first season.

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