Thai Binh boy volunteered to translate

Hai DuongStuck in a boarding room in Ngo village, Lai Cach town – Cam Giang’s heart, Mr. Pham Duc Truong, 31 years old, invited his wife to volunteer to fight the epidemic.

The year-end dinner of Truong and his wife took place in silence because Cam Giang was one of the biggest concerns of this round. The boy from Thai Binh suddenly broke the thick atmosphere of anxiety, discussing with his wife that he would sign up as a volunteer in anti-epidemic control. “What if the infection is?”, His wife, Vu Thi Dan, 34 years old, wondered. “The person on duty has to wear protective gear, it is healthier than sitting in a place to worry. Out there, many elderly doctors have to stay up at night. You come to replace them”, Truong replied. “Then we will go together,” said Dan firmly.

Truong and his wife are living in the town of Cam Giang. Image: Characters provided.

Mr. Truong is a carpentry worker, so he often follows the construction works, sometimes after half a year he will visit his wife, a worker in an industrial zone in Lai Cach, Cam Giang, Hai Duong. In December, when he finished his job at the construction site, he went to the inn with his wife. The couple, after the 26th Tet holiday, Miss Dan, on vacation, will return to Quang Ninh, Thai Binh to visit her parents and her stepchildren.

But in mid-December, an epidemic broke out in Hai Duong. Truong and his wife decided to stay in the boarding room for Tet. In the early days, the couple just hung around in the motel room, surfing the internet for relief. Once, he happened to read information about Doan Cam Giang district recruiting young people to volunteer against the epidemic.

“In the two epidemics last year, it was not difficult to call for youth to participate in the fight against the epidemic. But this time on the occasion of Tet, the epidemic was stressful, many families did not dare to let their children participate, so the forces resisted. There are many people lacking in translation, “confided one representative of Doan Cam Giang district.

Hearing the words “missing people”, Truong found that he “needs to go”. “I have wide shoulders and wide, and I’m free, so I can help out,” said the young man who twice volunteered to be on duty when the epidemic broke out in Thai Binh.

After dinner, the couple led each other to the front of the village, a few hundred meters from the registered accommodation. The officials there advised them to make a key point at the Lai Cach intersection, the gate of the town on duty. “There is little traffic in the village, only on duty until 10:00 pm. At the intersection with a lot of traffic, young people are strong, so they come there to support,” a village official encouraged.

Mr. Truong drove the car for more than 2 km to stop A18, Lai Cach intersection, in the direction of Hanoi – Hai Phong to meet the Secretary of the Youth Union district. He and his wife received the schedule on duty the next day, Truong was assigned overnight at the A18 quarantine. His wife was on duty from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. at a key point in the village.

Mr. Truong measured the temperature for people in and out of the quarantine post on the evening of 30 Tet.  Photo: Character provided.

Mr. Truong measured the temperature for people in and out of the quarantine post on the evening of 30 Tet. Image: Characters provided.

On the first day of work, the young Thai Binh was covered in a full protective suit, gloves, and a full mask. Just 7 pm, he was at the post, received the task of measuring body temperature, sterilizing vehicles in and out, along with four other officers. But before working, he took a broom to clean the inside and outside of the tent for officers. After that, he held a spray to disinfect the berie bars, essential items. Twice after volunteering against epidemics in his hometown, Truong kept pace with his assigned work.

There was a truck, a container arrived, the young man volunteered to wear a 30-kg sterilizer on his shoulder, pump aeration and spray it around the car. On the occasion of Tet, Hai Duong has not been blocked, traffic is crowded, every evening several dozen vehicles. The work of measuring body temperature and disinfection is “just right for the youth”, but doing a lot also makes Truong exhausted. “But my duty is nothing compared to the police and the soldiers. One day you just picked up the bento, and had to lower them because they needed to do the duty when the car arrived”, Truong said.

At night, her car was thin, the bunk bed was at the quarantine, Truong gave way to the elders. He and the younger people brought corn and potatoes to roast, sat through masks to help sleep.

So strong, but the first two days on duty, the boy was “tired and unable to sleep”. “Carrying the sterilizer so badly that it hurts in the shoulder, fatigue in the neck, in the arms. It’s normal now,” he said after more than 10 days of volunteering.

“Truong is an enthusiastic young man with a rare responsibility. He does everything like his house, no matter what,” said Nguyen Dinh Bang at Hai Duong Military Command, who was on duty at the A18 post, comment.

Representative of Doan Cam Giang district said Truong and Dan are the only couple outside the district participating in the fight against epidemics in the locality. Their assistance contributed to propagating the volunteer movement in Cam Giang more excitingly.

Truong’s greatest joy is New Year’s Eve, encouraged and encouraged by the senior leaders. “The police, the police or the civilians volunteering like me are also given equal attention. When they have been fighting against the epidemic, the officers or people are the same,” said Truong.

Officers and union members participating in the refusal of quarantine, opposite Dai An industrial park, Lai Cach town, decorate the New Year, greet the New Year at the workplace.  Photo: Character provided.

Officers and union members participating in the refusal of quarantine, opposite Dai An industrial park, Lai Cach town, decorate the New Year, greet the New Year at the workplace. Image: Characters provided.

Moments in New Year’s Eve, he asked to leave his position for a few minutes and drove back to the village’s starting point to celebrate his wife’s age. Dan and her husband went to the pagoda to burn incense. Cam Giang’s skies turn the old year – the new year is quiet. This year, they not only pray for peace for their families, but for those who are fighting the epidemic, pray for the country to soon overcome the Covid-19 epidemic.

The incense was not turned off, Truong quickly brought his wife home and then went back to work. “The first Tet we got married. It was special,” Mrs. Dan told her husband. Because of her poor health, she wanted to put strength into her husband’s peace of mind to fight the epidemic. After Tet, Truong’s wife asked to stay home. Every day, she cooks and does laundry so that he can rest. Every night, Ms. Dan buys potatoes and corn and brings out a key point for her husband and staff to eat at night.

At noon one day in February, in the small inn room, the phone suddenly rang, Mrs. Dan seemed to run to answer the phone: “My brother is still sleeping tonight to fight the epidemic”, she whispered softly when someone asked her husband.

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