Tesla demolished! Parked car delivers mug shots to police

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Jena (Thuringia) – The rioters probably didn’t expect that… A Tesla filmed in a supermarket parking lot how a couple intentionally demolished the car – and thus provided the mug shot for the police.

The investigators are now looking publicly for a man and a woman who damaged the car on Naumburger Strasse in Jena on the evening of August 27, apparently out of anger.

After demolishing the car, the two went shopping

Photo: State Police Inspectorate Jena

“The video shows the man kicking a shopping cart in the parking lot, causing it to collide with the car,” police said. After that, the couple went to the supermarket in peace.

When the driver of the Tesla returned from shopping about 20 minutes later, he noticed the damage to the tailgate and bumper. There was a dent just above the license plate. There was damage of around 4000 euros.

For investigators, the Tesla’s evidence is clear – the complete crime is on tape!

The police in Jena accept tips on telephone number 03641 – 810 or by email to [email protected]

This is how a Tesla films while parking

According to the US manufacturer Tesla, the exterior cameras can store video recordings of the vehicle’s surroundings on a USB flash drive. The dash cam usually films collisions or other events while driving.

On the other hand, when the so-called sentry mode is activated, the cameras and sensors remain switched on even when the car is parked and locked. The sensors detect suspicious activity around the vehicle, and the cameras record the surroundings.

On the Tesla Model 3, cameras can also record suspicious activity while parked

On the Tesla Model 3, cameras can also record suspicious activity while parked

Photo: David Zalubowski/AP

Depending on the setting, the headlights can even come on as a warning or an alarm signal can go off, for example if someone leans against the car.

According to the company, the videos are stored locally in onboard storage or on a USB flash drive and are not sent to Tesla.

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